Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ever Resourceful - Scrapbook Layout

Hello Peeps

It seems like a long time since I did this layout, but it was only last week. Such a lot has happened in the last week.  How many medals are we up to?  Team GB really have pulled all the stops out at this year's Olympics!

I was routing some old photo albums, sorting them and putting them into some storage I have bought recently HERE.  These boxes are great as you can organise them by labelling them and just grab one to take to a crop!  

The reason I have taken to removing my photos from the albums is that some of them are deteriorating, some worse than others.  I saw these three photos and could not resist scrapbooking them rather than put them in the box!

The photos were taken at our old Bungalow, Hobbit's Burrow, which is about 20 miles from where we are now, on a Sunday morning.  The Bungalow was on a new estate and the substation was at the end of the road where we lived and quite often it would have a little fit and we would wake up to find no electricity.  It would take several hours for the electricity company to come and sort the fault out.  Well "Ever Resourceful" we would get our little pot bellied BBQ out and cook a full English breakfast and whilst we were eating that we would put a saucepan of water on the BBQ for a nice cuppa!
The first time we thought about using the BBQ we got a couple of funny looks from the neighbours peeking over the fence.  They were wondering how they could smell bacon when we all were out of electricity!  However, it did not take long before we could smell the burning of charcoal around us!  
The background paper has been stamped using my Stampin Up Blooms stamp and I used the SU Pennants stamps for the little words on the tags.  I actually got round to using my Martha Stewart Round the Edge punches for going around the edges, and I have used all three sizes of the Sizzix Rosette dies. The tags and letters were made using Sizzix dies.  The patterned papers are Kaisercraft.
The little dog here is Sputnik who was always tracking the garden for any unwelcome visitors.  She really hated cats and there were a few around and about.  
Some East of India ribbon and a wooden word taken from a pack I picked up at The Works!

So here you have it.  As there are little snippets used here, I am linking this up with the Playground Teacher, who is on teacher training at the moment!  Is it just me or do teachers have more teacher training days than we did when I were a lass?  

Thanks for looking and please leave me a comment.  With this miserable weather today I need something to make me smile :0) 




Jo said...

Fantastic layout..lovely colours and fab embellies.........my kids would love that, they'd have a BBQ every day! I remember when I was a lass power cuts were a regular occurrence and my Nan and I used to play cards by candle light and eat salt & vinegar crisps.....Thanks for the memory, they were such happy days!
Hugs Jo x

Di said...

Totally brilliant layout Sam - love the colours and just everything is so perfect.

Grinned about the resourcefulness - clearly a woman not to be parted from her Sunday bacon breakfast :)

Ahem, you're right about the roll call - better start doing it I think to ease the Saturday load.

Hugs, Di xx

Amanda said...

Fabulous scrapbook layout and seemed strange to hear about 1992 as 20 years go, only feels like last week lol. Fab storage too. Hugs, Amanda x

Sarn said...

Great layout. Very resourceful!

What miserable weather? I've had sun all day. Ouch! That Gibbs slap hurt! xxxx

Victoria said...

Simply fantastic - both the idea and the scrapbook page! The punched border is great details with those rosettes. And Sputnik? What a great name! And on the subject of training days (I can't help myself!), county councils usually prescribe the number that schools have to do, so it's not up to the school at all!