Wednesday, 8 August 2012

CC2C - Christmas in July

Hello there!

Most of you who follow my blog will know that I take part in the Lovely Linda's Compendium of Curiosities II Challenge, whereby Linda sets a challenge every Friday by asking us to turn to page____ [fill in a number here] of the lovely Tim Holtz's Second Compendium of Curiosities book and make something using that technique.  

Most of you who follow my blog will also know that I LOVE Christmas.   What some of you who follow my blog may not know is that I have an absolute passion for Christmas trees!  I am quite happy to see a Christmas tree with just lights on, and if I go to a town or city at Christmas (especially Prague) I always make a bee line for the Christmas tree.  Which is why I am desperate to go to New York to see the Christmas tree in Times Square.  

So, when I saw Linda's challenge for this week, out of nowhere Christmas trees popped in to my head. I remembered that Mr Holtz had done a posting involving Christmas trees on his blog some time ago so an idea was born....

Linda asked us to turn to page 54 of the Compendium and make a project using Perfect Pearls Mist.  So these trees were made with Cordinations cardstock and then sprayed liberally with Perfect Pearls Mist.
The black tinsel is quite a fine tinsel with little stars in that were adorning some of my Christmas presents from my Buddy Mandy last Christmas!  As they are technically Snippets, I will be entering these into the Playground ready for Christmas!
And just so ya know what I used to make the trunks with, the first one was made using one of these.  No, I didn't break one to make it.  Some time ago when one of these spongey things was past it's best I thought to keep the handle as "it would come in use some day"!  I had to trim it and as I could not find the mitre block I just cut it with a saw on the end of the desk and managed to cut my finger with it!!  Big Owch!  I only had two of these tiny flower pots so I went online at lunchtime today and ordered some so I can make more!  I know they will make great little gifts at Christmas!
I cannot wait until the new Christmas trees from Ranger hit the shops over here.  When I saw what Mario did for the recent CHA show I was all for hopping on a plane and taking them off the display.  Not sure what Hubby would say about having 40-something different coloured trees adoring the house though!

I hope you like what I have done and if I have inspired you at all, then why not pick up a copy of the Compendium II book and join in with the challenges.  If you want to know how I made the trees, just search for Christmas Trees on Tim's blog.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd never of guessed that you were going to make tree's out of those rings. They are great and would make lovely table dec's for the big lunch table.

Not got many distress inks but did have a play yesterday and got a little inky. Think l may be changing my mind on the distress inking :)

Thanks for following me, have a great day xx

Amanda said...

OMG these are gorgeous, I agree they would make perfect gifts. Hope your finger feels better today but i don't think that will stop you creating more of these. I am also a big fan of christmas and have seen the NY one but the most memorable one for me is the one in epcot all decorated with disney figures and about a 100 feet tall, it wasn't a real tree but it was stunning. Hugs, Amanda x

Sarn said...

What is with you and Simon and chopping fingers? Eh? Honestly, I turn by back for 5 mins and you're injuring yourself!

Oh, and the Christmas trees? Well, you know I absolutely love them . . . you are a clever girlie.

Sarn xxx

Unknown said...

Very cute! These would make great table toppers at a party :) Love how you used the rosettes and the perfect pearls to create them

Victoria said...

You are a clever Hettie! These are just wonderful and will be fabulous gifts. I love the bows on top - just perfect :)

G Peplow said...

HI Sam, Brilliant!! Love the little trees, how gorgeous :0) I'd love to see your twinchies too LOL Hugs Gay xxx

Belinda Basson said...

Loving those trees too, now that you have done them, I remember Sir Tim doing them some time ago. I love those little pots... good luck with your hunt for them.

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I bet you want those bottle brush trees...don't you!?! LOL! These are fabulous absolutely! Great job!

Eliza said...

I am with you, I absolutely looove Christmas In our house Christmas starts on the first of December when the tree goes up. am also with you I want to go to Times Square and see the Christmas Tree lighting up, so beautiful and a dream on mine too.

I saw Lord Tim make these little beauties and love them. You have done a fantastic job. I don't have the compendium V2 book but would love to join in the challenges, but its hard if you don't have the book.


Di said...

So clever Sam - I love Christmas trees too! Another great NY one is by the ice rink they create at Roosevelt Centre. There are also the most fabulous tree decs to be bought in Macys.......tempted yet? Snort, I'll spend yer money for you.

Meanwhile - your tress are just fabulous.

Hugs, Di xx

Mrs A. said...

Is Di offering to send us all to NY for chrissy shopping then!
These little trees are great. What did you use for the trunk on the second one then as you didn,t say. Hugs Mrs a.

LisaDV said...

I love these trees. I too have a fascination with Christmas trees. I'm going to have to make these.

Kim said...

Sorry this is so late...just couldn't comment from home. I love your trees!! A very great way to showcase the technique!

Mrs A. said...

Hi Sam,
I have the list on my home omputer nd as soon as I can access it I willlet

Mrs A. said...

Oops wrong button push. As soon as I can access the list I'll let you know the answer. I hate this predictive text on my iPad. Hugs mrs a.