Monday, 21 April 2014

Don't you love Serendipity Moments?

Hello there!

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has had a lovely one.  Here at Hettie Towers it has been a very nice looong weekend.  It was Mr Hettie's 50th Birthday last week so we both extended the weekend a little in order to coincide with some time together for his Birthday.  I will share photos shortly.

We also did not have anything planned, other than a very nice Dinner with friends on Saturday night and so I have been able to just "potter" between garden, Chickens, house (including the dreaded "H" word) and also my Craft Room.

Now I come to today's sharing with you.  Last weekend I was in Portsmouth on a Quilting/Girlie weekend, it being the AGM of QGBI and there were a few demonstrations of techniques, one of which interested me greatly. I wanted to give this a go and found an abandoned quilt block and tried it out with success.  

However, I know I really need to master mitering corners of quilts, so I had a rummage for some fabric and another abandoned block and came across a piece of fabric.  As I ironed it I realised it was the perfect size for my little pillow which I use and which helps stop my neck trouble, and which only has one cover!  Hey presto, the original use was abandoned and a new cover was born.
I just love those serendipity moments don't you?

The fabric is VOS and was used to back a quilt I made which went to an orphanage in one of the former Yugoslav countries in the early 1990s (told you it was old).  As it is possibly classed as a Snippet (well it was left over) I am taking it down to the Snippets Playground in order that anyone who is feeling tired after all the sunshine and frolics today may use it!  The lace was also a piece of VOS which was just about the right size.  

Thanks for calling by.  Now that most of the tooing and froing has been carried out for this month, I should hopefully be able to catch up and call by real soon!



butterfly said...

Such cute fabric - and how great to be able to put it straight to use! Glad to hear you've been having a lovely time with your long weekend.
Alison xx

Irene said...

Fabulous Sam, and what adorable fabric.

Mrs A. said...

Methinks Pasrsnip might like this to put his bunny ears and nose in till the next outing! Hope Miss DiAnd Mrs A. kept you all in plentiful supply of eggs this Easter. hugs The real Mrs A.

SARN said...

Looks great Sam. Very clever of you.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sue said...

This is gorgeous Sam:) hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend huggles Sue xxx

Kathleen said...

Well done Hettie looks gorgeous, my first thoughts were Parsnip would be grabbing this but see Mrs A has beaten me to it.

Kath x

Anonymous said...

Lovely to read that you had such a nice weekend.
What a clever idea to create a second cover for your pillow. This provides you with comfort but it is also so pretty to look at.
Thank You for adding my Giveaway to your sidebar :)

scrappymo! said...

This looks so sweet. On iPhone so sorry if short and sweet. How so like you to make a quilt for an orphanage! Loved that part of your post.

Belinda Basson said...

Love the new cover for you neck pillow. I think your term VOS is just brilliant. I have lots of VOS! So where is the mitered corner? Do you know the trick with using girls hair clips to hold hems in place? saw that yesterday while at a friend who was top stitching on a boarder for a quilt!

Di said...

So cute Sam! I do like the ruffled lace - nice touch with the adorable fabric!


Di xx

Karen Petitt said...

Looks good and so good that it is being used rather than lying around. I really enjoy seeing what you create with your fabric, so thank you for sharing Karen x

nightingalehoop said...

Nice decoration piece and nice colour combination.
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