Monday, 30 July 2012

Thank You Cards

Hello  Peeps

Just going through my posts and realised I had not posted these little cards on to my blog, despite posting the photographs ready.  These were made to send to family and friends to say Thanks for my Birthday presents last month.  Made with my lovely set of Mixed Bunch SU stamps and punch.  The stamps were a very special pressie from my very good friend.  You know who you are Honey!  Love them.  Thank you again.
I only had a limited amount of the purple card so could only make a few.  The cards were cut with a Sizzix die.  Flowers punched out of the coloured card, then flower stamped and punched with the smaller flowers making a background.
I used the Purple Archival ink and Barn Door for the red.  I cannot remember what make the Thank You stamp is but if I can figure it out, I will let you know.  Just ask if you really want to know. 

Is it me, or are peeps finding they cannot use foam pads like they used to or else the postage goes up by quite a large hike?

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TTFN and thanks for popping by to see me!




mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Sam, These are really lovely, the mandala stamp is very beautiful and both versions look totally fab! I think if I were to choose I'd say the red one has a slight edge it just sings if you know what I mean LOL
Postage is such a challenge now, foam pads and silicon glue gel, it just can't have very much dimension at all and the post cost goes way up!!
Have a great week, Gay xxx

Amanda said...

Such pretty thank you cards, I am sure that they were appreciated. Hugs, Amanda x

Di said...

Wonderful cards Sam - I love both colourways muchly. Sorry I'm a bit busy right now but am still trying to call by my lovely friends - Catriona is fine, I have a notice up saying 'no splashing' by the duck pond. But you try telling Mrs A about that when she's busily putting up a 10 metre diving platform after watching the Olympics this afternoon!

Hugs, and I'm off for an earlyish night :) Di xx

Mrs F said...

Fabby thank you cards Hettie, l really like that SU set, it's very versatile.

I never seem to get my postage right on cards l send, l find it very annoying when l think l've put enough on and then the recipient has to pay extra, grrrr but l do use foam pads lol

Have a great day xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Woot woot . . . I love how you've used the Mixed Bunch set on these cards. Very pretty indeed.

As to foam pads . . . it seems you can get away withe ONE LAYER of them on a card for the lower postage cost . . but two layers means LARGE LETTER!


Victoria said...

Yes, the postage charges are just getting ridiculous. I need to make myself one of those grids with the slots in that they use at the post office to work out if my letter is 5mm thick. It's so frustrating when I just want to give a card some extra oomph but can't!

These Mixed Bunch cards are just great... I'm a red kind of girl normally but I think I prefer the purple ever so slightly. Looks a bit regal and Cadbury Dairy Milk-esque!

Kate said...

I LOVE these cards! That stamp is gorgeous and the colors... Very elegant and classy. I bet your family loved them. I must say I agree that postage is such a hinderance. I dislike making simple cards but if I don't i'll have to pay an arm and a leg.

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh these are lovely - Stampin Up stuff is so nice isnt it. Only one more sleep to the Great British Blog Hop! Thank you so much for taking part - dont forget to have your blog post up by 8am tomorrow morning - see you then!