Thursday, 19 July 2012

Another Step Card - Blues

Good Evening Fellow Bloggers

Don't look now Ethel but we have blue skies outside and a big yellow UFO hovering around, and rumour has it that we are going to see a lot more of the yellow thingey over the next few weeks!  And furthermore, we may even be able to leave our wellies and brollies at home too!  WOW!

Anyhoos, down to business.  You may have seen my green chicken step card the other day.  Well here is a step card which I made for my friend Ann to give to her friend.  Yes.  A commission!  The brief was for a card with flowers, the colour blue and suitable for an 85year old lady.  I made three cards and this is card no. 1.  When I have shown you all three, you can tell me which one you thought my friend picked for her friend.  No prize just the thrill of knowing you have similar taste to Ann!

Yes.  I know.  It doesn't have 85 on it but I am never sure whether people actually want it on there, so I was pretty canny and cut out some different styles of 85 with my trusty Quickutz and took my pokey tool and sticker maker tool so that I could put them on if requested.  As it was Ann told me that her friend wanted no reminding of her being 85 so they were left off!

Thank you for looking and please let me know what you think of this card.  I will tell you know that there were a few ********s and *****s when I was making this card because it was a different size to the instructions.  Aha! You think.  Just add the difference on here and there.  Well, I made a paper version first then cut a card and guess what?  It did not work.  So I played around with the card until I got that OK, measured it and then cut another one up.  Guess what again?  It needed further tweaking.  Hence this card took three card blanks just to make one.  Though I have to be honest, I do like the bigger format as it gives scope to use slightly bigger stamps such as this one!  

Off to my local Crafting Club tonight.  We don't do an awful lot other than chin wag, have a nosey at what everyone else is doing, explain what I am doing and then drink coffee and eat cookies.  Mind you, last month someone had some knitting patterns that they were giving away.  Some were for little people and some were original 1950s jumpers which I snaffled up.  Now I just have to find some 3ply wool in colours other than white or cream!  

Please leave me a comment and I will see you later when I come home!





Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Well this third time lucky card is just brilliant Sam. I love everything about it.

Hugs Sarn xxx

Kate said...

I really like your image. Perfect for a birthday card! The blue and yellow complement everything so well. I bet she will love it!

Di said...

Flipping fab! Did you colour the stamp before or after stamping it Sam - I have that stamp here and it's one of my faves.

And like you, I think bigger stepper cards can have more scope. It's really lovely.

Guess what. I'm off to bed and it's not quite midnight!

Hugs, Di xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Sam, am finally getting over to you - and to say big thank you for joining Cardmaking online blog and commenting - very much appreciated and smiled at your post saying how long it took you to make this often wonder when I have gone through as many prototypes of something if I am the only one and yes do love these cards very much!! but dont see me making it any time soon..too much like hard work. love the colour and layout though, love Shaz in oz.x

Victoria said...

The blue flowers are just gorgeous with that script and this all works beautifully as a stepper card! Third time is definitely a charm!

lisa said...

All your tweaking worked, Sam, it's a stunner. I have that stamp and it rarely sees the light of day but seeing again I must dust it off.
I hope you enjoyed your craft club and don't rub the orange globe in the sky thingy in, it's rained all day here, after they promised us Summer. You just can't trust a Weatherman!!
Hugs Lisax