Monday, 9 July 2012

Prague - Daily Journal Suitcase

Hello Peeps

Do you remember back in February myself and my Hubby went to Prague and I made a Journal to take with me and I took my little mini printer (photos are 2"x3") to add in photos of the day?  Well, I took some photos of the finished article and when I was having a sort out of photos (I transfer to an external drive once in a while in case my computer does a wobbly - again!) and realised I still had not put my photos to show you here on my blog.  So apologies for my omission and I will share them with you now if you don't mind!

The cover which some of you may recognise is from the Tim Holtz die and a Tim Holtz stamp.  No we did not go to St Moritz, this is just one of the stamps in the collection!  I must tell Mr Holtz that he ought to do some Czech stamps for me..... I wonder!  Maybe I could meet him there and show him around.  Lots of wierd and wonderful places for him to see!!!   Anyhoos, I digress!

The picture on the left is the hotel we stayed in.  The card is actually a business card.  Our bedroom windows were the three immediately above the front door!  Fabulous bedroom - four poster bed, hand painted ceilings.  If you want to know more about it, let me know and I will e-mail you.
Some scenes of Prague and Fergus enjoying a pint of the Dark Beer, which I grew very fond of (and so did Fergus if truth be told!)!!
Some photos from the Technica Museum.  Those photos on the right are very old printing machines which were absolutely beautiful, and if they were turned on they would certainly work, as that is how the Czechs are about museums.  Mr Holtz could certainly get some fantastic ideas for stamps in there, especially with some of the plates that were on show!

And some photos of Prague Zoo.  Not somewhere I frequent often zoos, but I wanted to see how this zoo had picked it up after the devastating floods which occurred in 2002.  Most of the zoo was 10' under water in a very short space of time and only 4 animals were lost.  Amazing! Prague Zoo is also in the top 10 of the world for animal welfare and we could see that there was a complete new section being built for the Hippos and Elephants.  That bird you can see is a baby Red Kite.  We are occasionally lucky enough to see one at home, but never this close.  We could probably have touched it, but for the fact we may have lost a few fingers.  Mother was watching from a distance but she did not seem too bothered by us.  Beautiful he was too.  One viewing of a Red Kite I will not forget for a very long time.

Well, I hope you like my little Journal.  I certainly had fun creating it and will definately be making more for future trips.  

Don't forget to leave me a note in the Visitor's Book so I know you have been.  Thanks for popping in.




Di said...

Wow - just had a great nose at Prague, super piccies and I love the journal idea.

Almost 2am here - off to bed as my night shift is completed now.

Hugs, Di xx

lovemyluggage said...

Post is very interesting,I really like your blog & the way

you wriiten it ..Thanks for sharing this creative ideas.suitcase

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fantastic little journal Sam. You're so creative.

Have a great day Honey.


Kate said...

I love your journal! That suitcase die is awesome. I have been wanting it for a while. Hmmmm. I am thinking soon. Your pictures are lovely. What A fun little place to put all your fabulous memories!

lisa said...

I'm glad I popped by for a coffee with you today, Sam and had such a treat in the process!!
I'm so glad you found your photos to share with us, I love to see how others make mini books. You've got so much detail in yours and lots of journalling, so important. Love the red kite story. We are very lucky to see them regularly here. Two or three circle round regularly.
Hope you are staying dry.
Hugs Lisax

Victoria said...

What a fabulous idea to make the book BEFORE you go! I always come back with the greatest of intentions and of course, real life gets in the way. So inconsiderate of it really.
The photos are great - looks like you had a fab holiday.

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

HI Sam, I've always wanted to go to Prague and now I would like to go even more, your journal is brilliant:0) So personal and that red kite is amazing. The hotel looks wonderful, have to check that out LOL Great post thank you so much for sharing, Gay xxx