Sunday 1 July 2012

On the First Day of Cxxxxxxxxx! Snippets

Hello Peeps

If you saw my post last Monday you will know that it was Rudolph Day over at my Buddy Sandra's blog and she upped the anti by telling us we had to make six cards to enter the draw this month.  I was quite relieved as I had planned to make 12 but knew I wasn't going to make all before the end of Rudolph Day.  However, I have now managed to complete all 12 of the set and here they all are.....

Here are the first six....

And here are the second six....

All cards were made using Snippets from my Snippets boxes (yes I have more than one!) so will be linking my post up with the Keeper of the Playground Di. 

I hope you have all had a crafty weekend!  At least the weather has been pretty kind, though it could have done to have been a little warmer. 

Have a good week everyone.  Don't forget to sign in the visitor's book so I know you have been here!




M said...

This is a really great set of images, love what you've done with them! M x

Jules said...

Wow Sam .. .. you have done really, really well. I am well impressed.

I managed six pathetic tags LOL!!!

I too have snippets in lots, and lots of places!!

Have a good week.

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic cards Hettie, well done on making 12!

Love PB stamps and think l should purchase some soon :) as l only have one!

Have a great evening xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you made 12 but they make a fantastic set, and you used up snippets in the precess to boot! NO ONE else, including me noticed Wokdesk!!! Just shows how our minds see a few letters and makes the word association automatically, either that or everyone else was too polite to mention it, lol!! If I send you a bit of heat will you please send me some rain??


Kate Yetter said...

I think it takes dedication to make so many! I love the little images. Adorable. What stamp set are they from?

karen said...

Oh how fantastic!! You did all 12!! I have not done the ones you sent me yet but I will let you know when I do :)
Great job Sam!
xoxo Karen

Jo said...

Wow....a great set....well done!
They all look fab...great shape, too!
Hugs Jo x

Sarn said...

Now THAT'S dedication . . . congrats on getting a set of 12 done honey.

I'm dead impressed with your springy cards.

Sarn xxx

Victoria said...

Fabulous!!! I really need to do something on the 12 days of CHristmas as it is just perfect inspiration for a set of cards - and you've proven it! I'm gobsmacked that you've made them all as spring fold cards... I've only made one before and it took FOREVER!!

Lynne said...

Wow you have been busy. All 12 are terrific, well done.
Lynne xxx

Di said...

Just fabulous Sam - clever little girl. OK, one circuit (ONLY) with the go-kart!! Mwah :)

Been offline while IT here sorts things out, so ironing got done at least :) Di xx

Mrs A. said...

One sprin gy card did my head in so 12 must win you a medal!!1 Hugs Mrs a.

Amanda said...

How cute do they all look, wow 12 cards made too. Hugs, Amanda x

Mandy R. said...

These are really cool hun. I love the pop up style. You must show me how its done? I will look forward to colouring mine in. Thanks again xx