Sunday, 15 July 2012

Scrapbook Layout - Longleat - Quack Quack

Hello Peeps

What a lovely day we have had today here in South Wales.  I even managed a spot of work in the garden today too! 

I thought I would show you another layout I have recently done.....

A little bright and cheerful but it matches the brightness of our outfits!  I cannot believe that my Mum made us wear those suits and knitted the jumpers to match.  Both my sister and I had the trousers and the jackets. I probably had matching socks and pants on too knowing me!!
We were at Longleat for my brother's birthday as that was what he wanted.  He was offered a party but he wanted to go to Longleat.  Dad wasn't too pleased after the monkeys took the wing mirrors off the car!

Quack Quack cut with my Silhouette.  Who would have known that in years to come I would get to play in the Playground duck pond years later!!

Yep!  Typical me.  Matching ribbons!  My poor Mother had to buy me three ribbons for my hair.  One long one (a yard typically) for when I was sporting a ponytail, and two slightly shorter ones (3/4 yard) for when my hair was in bunches!  How I must have tested her patience!  Bless her!  I won't even mention our excursions into the Marks & Spencer pants aisle!  I will blog about that another day!  Maybe!!

Now I have given you a giggle and a glimpse into my past please don't forget to sign in so I know you have been.




Jules said...

Tee hee Sam

My Sister and I used to wear matching outfits .. .. usually dresses that Mum made.

I guess she could cut two out of the same length of fabric cheaper than us having different ones.

Great layout and your papers match your outfits beautifully.

Have a good week.

Love Jules xx

Victoria said...

You've definitely given me a giggle as well as a glimpse into your past! I love the bright feel to the page - naturally it draws my eye straight to the fetching clothes! - and I love the ducks too. I don't think Di will be too happy that you're paddling in the duck pond though!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Good Grief woman! I had to put my sunglasses on! xxx

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Naughty monkeys LOL Great memories Sam and a lovely page too, not sure about the pants but that's what we wore LOL xxx

Amanda said...

Loving the flares, lol. I have a photo where I am standing between my two uncles and we are all wearing matching outfits , oh those were the days. Hugs, Amanda x

lisa said...

Happy memories, Sam. You wouldn't think to look at me now but I could sit on my ponytail when I was longer and always had to have blue ribbons!!! Don't ask me why. Why do mum's always put their children in matching outfits, my Mum did exactly the same. My Sister and I now have very different tastes!!! But I do remember the embarrassment of being stripped off in M&S many a time to have some outfit tried on!!
I love the papers you've used for your LO, it matches those colours brilliantly. Didn't your Mum have some amazing boots!!
Hugs Lisax