Tuesday 3 July 2012

Mmmmmmn - Comfort food - Snippets?

Hello Peeps

Do you ever have moments when all you want is comfort food?  Well, earlier this evening I had one of those moments.  Hubby had brought home a fresh loaf and there was a good third of an uncut loaf left which was at that stage when it was not soft enough for sarnies tomorrow, but okay for toast Too good to throw out.  Then I had a little brainwave.  I really fancied some good old bread and butter pudding.  I cannot even remember the last time I made any so I thought as it is kinda Snippets I would bring it along to the Playground for all my fellow play mates to enjoy.  So, tuck in.  The offer is open to non Playground blogging buddies too.

I must warn you though that my dear Hubby has a soft spot for bread and butter pudding so you had better get some quickly.  Dishes in the cupboard.  Please be good peeps and wash them up and pop them back where you found them. 

Did you know that bread and butter pudding was the Queen Mum's favourite pudding?  No?  Well you have now learnt something new today.

Now while you are eating pudding, why not have a rummage through your scrap paper box and rustle up a card and join in the Snippets Playground.  You can then run off the pudding you have just eaten!

Go on.  You know you want to!  No calories when someone else has made it!  Please let me know if you have taken any and whether you enjoyed it or not!




Victoria said...

Loving this alternative snippets offering.... I've got in here quick to grab some before the other hungry playmates!!

Sarn said...

Just had a delicious portion thanks. I added some vanilla ice cream . . . licking my spoon clean now.


I LOVE b&b pudding xxx

G Peplow said...

OOh MY can't remember when it tasted soo good, Thank you so much, totally delish, LOL Gay xxx

Amanda said...

Yummy, was looking for something sweet to eat too. Thank you, hope you aren't expecting me to cook though as I can burn water lol. I do make a mean crisp samie though. Hugs, Amanda x

Mrs A. said...

I luv bread and butter pudding. Just turned the bowl around so you can't see the missing chunk. Yum yum love in my tum. Hugs Mrs A.

Mrs A. said...

I luv bread and butter pudding. Just turned the bowl around so you can't see the missing chunk. Yum yum love in my tum. Hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Ooooh, yummy! Love bread and butter pudding - spoon and bowl washed and put back in the cupboard :)

Di xx

Di said...

You total nut case :) I came here first from the dashboard 'cos I follow you anyhow - and have just hopped back again 'cos you linked into the snippets playground. In between laughing I just had another helping! Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Having a portion of your gorgeous bread and butter pud, hubby is enjoying it with me too. We're having it with cream, yummy! Many thanks Sam

Washed, dried and put away. Night night xx

lisa said...

Oh yummy. My favourite pudding too. It was delishious, thanks for the slice and I've been good and washed up too.
We have it regularly as I know the way to a happy family but yours looks much posher than mine. I just pile it all in a big dish and cover it with lots of dried fruit. It never looks pretty but tastes delish!!
Hugs Lisax

Kate Yetter said...

Yumm, wish I could try some!

Anonymous said...

Ummm ummmm, although I'll have to pass as it's a bit warm for a hot pudding here (99F). Might raid your freezer though and see if you have any ice cream! Can you get cinnamon raisin bread in the UK? Bread and butter pudding made with that is lush!