Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW 163 - Prepare to be Amazed!

Hello Peeps

Today is Wednesday and the day when a lot of crafting peeps show photos of their desk/floor/settee/kitchen or wherever they normally create their art and link them up via the blogasphere with the Lovely Julia over at the Stamping Ground where the biggest weekly blog hop takes place.

Here are photos of my desk today and I am not going to say a lot.  Just leave you all dumbfounded!   There was a liberal application of windowlene used here last night (it still smells of it this morning!)

(Some of the lovely cards peeps have sent me on the cork board, including my dear friend Angela's)

Name and Shame of the week!!  
I came across Monkey who had quietly disappeared whilst I was having the mass clear up.....hence why he is now seated at the top of the Tower!

Thanks for visiting me.  Please let me know you have been, if you are not tooo shocked at the lovely state of my desk!  I know it is a bit of a shocker!  And Sandra, NO I have not just put it out of shot, stuff is either tidied away in their correct places or in the B I N!!




Sarn said...

You could hear a pin drop at the stunned silence here while I look at the vision of tidiness that is your desk this week.

CONGRATULATIONS . . . Miss Tidy Desk of the Week.

Sarn xxx

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Your desk looks perfect organized now. Hopes it feels good. I think Monkey is a little bit upset and climb into the tower hope to see some crafty things :-) Love the way you store your cards and small books. Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW. Bye, Franka #44

Annie said...

Wow. I'm speechless. Well nearly!
I'm doing a quick blog hop while the twins nap :-)
A x #58

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Good grief, have I come to the right blog??? Where is the real Hettie and what have you done with her!!
I love being tidy and organised, hate wasting time searching for stuff. Tidies of the World unite!
Hugs, LLJ ~57 xx

Francesca said...

Your desk looks great, assuming not normally like this. My first blog hop you see. Us untidy people must stick together. Francesca #94

Di said...

Ooops, I hadn't commented when I peeked earlier - think I was lying on the floor recovering actually :)

What a vision of tidiness and shiny surfaces - yikes! Sure I don't need to send the fellas in white coats around?

Come back the normal (if there is one) Sam - all is forgiven!

Mind you, a ton of goodies there within easy reach to play with - and who's been at the wine gums?! Monkey looks a bit pickled to me :)

Hugs, Di xx

Trish Latimer said...

oooh a great big space just crying out to get messed up again!!! Happy woyww ! Trish #68

Twiglet said...

Wow - what a busy bee you have been!! It's good to have a clear out now and again - if only so that you can get in there and get crafting and make a mess again! x Jo

Sunshine Girl said...

Bet you are itching to mess it up! nice to see a sewing machine out there!

Helen said...

Stunned at your tidiness- want to come and do mine?!
Helen 16

Amanda said...

Wow, how clean and tidy is your desk today, ok so how long will it take you to make it messy again. Hugs, Amanda x

lisa said...

Mmmm is that a full bag of wine gums, Sam, or has monkey eaten all of them. If there's a few left, just pass one over please, I could just do with something fruity to settle my tea.
Now that's what I call a clean desk, although I could beat you today as I don't have one thing on my desk, just an expanse of work top. Well that's not strictly true now as I have two very bright pink cakes and two very bright orange ones on it now waiting to be stacked. I've been a proper wally and left the plastic dowels in the shop but thankfully Hubby has come to my rescue now (what would we do without them!!) so I'm off back upstairs to continue the cake saga!! Btw, I wore gloves to add the colouring so clean hands are the order of the day!!
Hugs Lisax

trisha too said...

So VERY tidy! Glad Monkey worked his way back into the picture . . .

My desk is an avalanche waiting to happen right now, but I showed a pic of what I couldn't show before this week.

:)trisha, #36 this week

Catie Cuddles said...

Thanks for sharing.
Catherine #138

Victoria said...

WOYWW just makes me want to come and play in everyone's crafting space..... is there a sweepstake on how long your desk will stay clear?

Hazel said...

Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

Ali H said...

Super tidy place this week ! Hope you feel inspired to get crafting !! Ali #60

fairy thoughts said...

The thing about tidying up is it is very satisfying when you have done it, but as soon as you have you want to get it messy again.... or is that just me?
thanks for sharing
janet #7

Shoshi said...

Cor. That IS tidy.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and for your good wishes for Shoshi's Blog Shop - I'm hoping it goes well! I've only just started with my palettes and think they will be most useful. Thanks re my background too - I did it not long ago (a real hair-tearing experience it was, too!) and am quite pleased with it now - I did a blog post about it, explaining the significance of the different elements. I have always been fascinated by bees but have never kept them (my hubby is very allergic to bee stings) but I have a friend who keeps bees in London (fabulous honey!) and I made her a beehive explosion box that you can see on my blog if you're interested - about 18 months ago. That was a fun project!!!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #4

Anonymous said...

Beautifully tidy desk Hettie. Looks like monkey has been knocked out by a huge bag of wine gums, painful! He'll probably have black eyes, or red, green or yellow lol

Happy WOYWW xx

RosC said...

Dumb-founded as I am, I must say it's a pretty space to Start Again!!!
Thanks for coming along to me as well. Glad you like the red buckets which are cute as well as useful on a lazy susan. I had jam jars but they were too hard to manage. They fell over, were wrong heights, brushes and scissors got into stouches. And the other blog - well I have neglected it really and just put all sorts of pics on Wildcards. Perhaps you encourage me to do more with it.
Thanks again.
Ros. #76

G Peplow said...

Woah I'm impressed and sadly looking at mine you would understand LOL Well done for such a good job, still looks very interesting though, lots of goodies around LOL Gay xxx

Unknown said...

Scrapaholics unite! I love your space. Happy WOYWW Sandy at #152

Anonymous said...

If you heard a thump that was just me hitting the floor in shock on this side of the pond! Monkey looks suitably chastised in that first photo too! I'm not sure I agreed how much sunshine to send you, or indeed when, it takes a while to cross the Atlantic you know! It'll be there girl, have patience!

Brenda 3

PS. LOVE Spitfires and have always wanted on but we also have a GT6 and hubby didn't want to work on something that had a lot of mechanical similarity to the gt6, so we got the Ginetta. I have to say, going to car shows even over here, there are always a ton of MG's and Triumphs to look at but only one Ginetta!

Sandy said...

Hope it gets all messy again soon, and there is lots of crafty fun going on there. Sandy :)

Eliza said...

I am IMPRESSED yep impressed but can I be honest, it is better with it messy at least you knew where everything was. LOL I am so glad Monkey is alright, he looks like he is having a heart attack at the state of cleanliness of the room, he needs it back to normal. Please dont scare him like that again, he might not make it. LOL

Eliza #11
Oh this has been a fun visit.

Morti said...

A clean, tidy, shiny desk - lovely! Just right for messing up again. Naughty monkey though, hitting the wine...gums.

Lovely space you have there! Thanks for stopping by.

Spyder said...

om goodness for a minute I thought Monkey had died! Happy VERY late woyww!