Tuesday 2 October 2012

Use It Up - Christmas Cards

Hello Friends

Sorry I haven't been blogging at my usual time these last few days, but things are a little topsy turvy this week as Mr Hettie and I have a few days off together to do some jobs that need doing around the house, including starting to decorate the former downstairs bedroom.  It is now going to become a bit of a "Den" type room where we can leave things out and just close the door instead of messing the living room up!!  For those of you who have read a certain trilogy of books...the answer is NO!!  It is not going to be decorated red!!

So I thought I would share with you some of my C cards I made recently with the Using it Up theme....
The image on this first card was printed in the last century would you believe?  I was never happy with it until I recently got the Copics on there and some embossing powder, layered it up and turned it into a card.  I may send it to one of my friends who were with me when I took a cardmaking class when this was stamped!! Hee Hee!  Not sure the make of stamp nor it's whereabouts now!  I am hoping we get to make some snowmen in the Playground this year!!  I hear we are due for some bad weather this Winter!!

This is a recycled C card from last year.  Unfortunately the camera/computer has changed the background to pinky red but I assure you it is red!  Not at all like my Den is going to be!

It seems I am just in time to join in with my Buddy's Rudolph Day Challenge for the third time this month!!  Thanks to Sandra I have a fair few C cards done ready for this year!  Cheers Sandra!  

Thanks for popping by.  I need to get back onto the steps and start pulling the coving off!  There will be no coving in the room this time round or Mr Hettie will be getting coved too!  The rooms in this house are too low for coving and he knew I didn't want it when we first decorated this room!! 





Sarn said...

Wahoo . . .another lovely festive card here Sam. Fancy printing it in the last Century! That's what I call USING SOMETHING OLD UP!

Well done for entering the max 3 times.

Good luck.

Sarn xxx

ElizabethR said...

Ooooh Sam I feel I should warn you mate, having a den is sooooooo dangerous, things go in there and they are never seen again lol. Well unless it's something small off the bottom row of the airer, then it usually turns up in the garden lol xxx my postman knows way too much xxx

Di said...

Ha, ha - so I expect you to turn up wearing painting gear and already muckied up do I? Super cards - you're on a roll for Christmas Past :)

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, three entries, you're way too ahead of the game!

Men heh? Coving? Come on Mr Hettie, you know better than that ;)! Good luck with the decorating, will pop over with some cake and a cup of Welsh brew.

Big hugs xx

Mrs A. said...

I ate your doughnut. Well there wern't any Rolo's to take the last one of!!!.
All this talk of 'c' cards is making me feel quite ill. I have had to order 'c' charm squares today from the material shop as just realised I will have to make an advent calendar for my granddaughter this year. Needed to have s lie down afterwards!!! Hugs Mrs A.

karen said...

What lovely Christmas cards Sam! Good thing you had saved that stamped image, as it turned out so sweet! I had a peek back at the previous posts and see you have been very busy making all sorts of lovely items! And may I wish you Happy Anniversary!! And many more to come!
xoxo Karen

G Peplow said...

Hi Sam, Christmas ooh it comes so quickly LOL Gorgeous cards and recycled well done you. I love the idea of a den good luck with all the renovations to get there:0) Gay x