Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CC2C - Try a little etching....

Hello Friends

I am doing something tonight that I don't do very! Not housework...but a second posting.  The lovely Linda has suggested we try something a little different and out of the box but fun nonetheless this week.  Glass etching.  On reading the information on Friday night I set about trying to locate some etching cream. You would not believe the number of sniggers I got and then having to repeat myself emphasising the ETCHing!!  Every place I tried within a 20 mile radius told me that you cannot get it any more....(where have I heard that before) although I found I could buy it online.   However, as we passed the Model Shop I asked Hubby to stop...politely....and the chappie in there told me for the umpteenth time that they could not sell it due to EU rules...something about toxic, fire risk, irritant ......(my eyes glazed over at this point....if you are going to eat it, rub it in your eyes whilst smoking that is your lookout), but he did have a spray version.  Out came my purse and I snatched the can up before he asked if I would be having adult supervision!!

So here is the result of my playing with the spray can last night.......

I LOVE it!  So much so I have ordered some cream now to finish the other four glasses I bought.  I would say that on a die cut this large it might be easier to use straight sided glasses but what is a little tuck and crease here and there?  I am going to get some glittery pebbles to go in the bottom of the glasses  and a tea light in each for Christmas.  I will also make the other four up for gifts, also with glittery pebbles and tealights.  

If you want to see the tutorial which Linda has done for this technique click on HERE to be whisked off to Simon Says Stamp blog.

Thanks Linda for this.  Thank goodness for the Model Shop in Abergavenny or else I would have missed out!  Woo Hoo!  I promise I won't rub the cream/paste in my eyes too!

I will be back tomorrow, as it is a VERY important day!!




Sue said...

Wonderful example of Etching! I am sure anyone would love to have them as a present. TY for sharing.

okienurse said...

I made some plates last year and a bowl using the Tim Holtz die cut for the stencil. Turned out awesome. I think I will try straight edge glasses and small bowls that I saw at the Dollar Tree and make the grand babies some dishes for Christmas this year! Thanks for the motivation!

Cardarian said...

Oh those glasses are just so exquisite! You have done really well - oh but I had a laugh reading the post (especially the part about going into the shop) I can't imagine where I could get that spray or cream! Why do Americans have it all??? Good for you to have found it in England!
Lots of hugs,

Di said...

Wow, these are gorgeous Sam - I didn't even know you could get the stuff, works a treat. Hugs, Di xx

scrappymo! said...

Wow...thee look stunning! Who would have known that etching cream was so hard to find!
These are going to make lovely gifts!

Kate Yetter said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses! So gorgeous! They would be lovely gifts!

lisa said...

I hope you DID make sure you had adult supervision, Sam!!!!!!!
These are stunning. Some lucky person is going to be delighted to recieve these under their tree. I need to get a move on with some pressie making. I'm trying to kid myself that it's not Christmas in a couple of months!!!
Hugs Lisax

Sarn said...

WOW and double WOW. Totally fab-u-lous Dahling.

They will look uber-cool with the pebbles and tea lights inside.

Well done for persevering in your attempts to get the necessary materials.

Sarn xxx

ElizabethR said...

Ooooooo these are gorgeous Sam, in the words of Frankie Howard, Loving your etchings Mrs, lol xxx

Linda Ledbetter said...

WOW! Sam, you absolutely ROCKED the etched glass, girl! These are fantastic!!!! What a perfect Christmas gift.

I had no idea etching cream was so hard to get hold of in the UK. Looks like the spray stuff worked beautifully, though.

Thanks so much for the kind words-- I'm delighted that the tutorial inspired you. <3

Terry said...

Oh these glasses are absolutely GORGEOUS! Love these! I am going to have to give this a try!

butterfly said...

That's VERY cool! Saw Linda's tutorial, but haven't even tried to get hold of the stuff... my to-try list is already longer than I can deal with! So fantastic to see your results, though - the deer look just brilliant (clever to put the tissue in for photographing). There'll be no stopping you now!
Alison x

karen said...

Fabulous glasses! When I saw the one on your post above I thought it was store bought and wondered how I could find an awesome glass like that. You MADE it!!! And now I see the matching one too. They make such a lovely set! And they would look so beautiful with glittery pebbles tealights! Amazing!
xoxo Karen