Sunday, 7 October 2012

Good Luck - Use it Up

Hello Friends

I was rummaging through my basket of stampings and came across this stamping.  As I was colouring it in with my Copics I could imaging there was a conversation taking place between the two chooks along the lines of....."go on Darling..give it a go..we will become parents if they hatch....Good Luck!"

Hee Hee!!

All Snippets so I can play in the Playground.  I get to meet Miss on Saturday!  Better be on my best behaviour or she will send me to the Headteacher!!  The card itself was from a box of bits bought and not used!!  I see my lickle chook has sneeked into the picture again!!

I also want to thank Jo aka Twiglet for becoming my latest Follower.

Hugs to you and have a great week!



Di said...

Aaargh, me blog seems to be a bit boogered up. I can't see the sidebar NOR Mr Linky on the snippets posting for this week. Have banged me head repeatedly on the desk - off to bed now to sulk wiv me Kindle and hope it's all sorted out by magic in the morning. I can't get into Mr Linky's website so my guess is that the problem might be there.

Anyhow, super card Sam, hope you managed to link OK - and after tonight it's only FOUR more sleeps. Wotcha making fer Christmas that day then? Should I still bring the star shaped cutters or is throwing clay around off the menu now?

Can't keep up wiv you :( Hugs, Di xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Poor Di (above comment) pray all is good now.. and love the stamp Sam Sarn will think you are her bestest friend with all these chook cards - one here and below :D Shaz in Oz.x

Mrs A. said...

Love the wire netting background. when we picked up "The Whimp" from his enforced stay at the cattery we also got a dozen freshly laid eggs from their chooks. (They have horses too not that it has anything to do with the story, just saying like)and most of them were double yolkers!! Does that mean each egg would have produced twinny chooks?
Hugs Mrs A.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh and Sam mean to say thanks for popping over am on mend feel happier after seeing dr again today... and thought of trying dome chicken wire on my cuttlebug with tan mat to get the wire effects have two sizes gutter guard works a treat so dont see why not!! Shaz in Oz.x

Mrs F said...

Heh Sam, love that card so much, the Chook image is brilliant and not like anything l've seen before. It fits perfectly with the embossed background you've used :)

Well, meeting Miss heh? You better watch yourself, she knows how you are the one that sometimes starts trouble in the playground, you may be up for a detention on arrival! Or even worse, the cane! Gulp!

Have a great time, wish l could be going too. Big hugs xxx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fantastic chook card Sam. I love it. Fabby background mesh too!

I'm sure the WOYWW meet up on Saturday will be lots of fun. TAKE PICTURES or I will be the one with the cane . . . YES, I just read THAT book . . . darkened my hair and pulled it back in a tight pony tail . . .

Tee hee!!!! xxx

MaggieC said...

Love that image and your thoughts about it. Thank you for your visit and your encouragement. My friend has got the bug now and is desperate to try more different techniques, so watch this space. Our tree, by the way, is gradually changing colour further down now. xx Maggie

Lynn said...

Fab card, love the netting background. Your little chook seems to behaving nicely :-) Lynn x