Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hello Friends!

Oh My!



                                          Good grief!

"What is she on about?" I hear you ask?!!!!  I will give you a clue......

It all started HERE.....

With my first ever blog post on 17 January 2011.  Started partly because I wanted to join in the fun and malarky of WOYWW and partly because I wanted to be able to join in challenges. 

And now in the very week the Lovely Julia and LLJ hold the first ever International (yes truly International) WOYWW Crop, and on a WOYWW night, I get to the grand total of 100 Followers!  I am shocked!  

I have had a wonderful journey with my blog and have enjoyed the fun, friendship and commoradory of blogging and I want to thank YOU, my Followers, Visitors and Friends who have called by and left me your friendly comments.  

Thank you.

Now I just have to rack my little Pooh brain to figure out how I am going to celebrate this momentous occasion!!   No doubt there will be a little Baileys involved or suchlike!



P.S.  This particular piece still hangs on the door of my 'puter desk in my Craft Room and I still love it! 


Ann B said...

You love it quite rightly it is a beautiful piece of work. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers.

Ann B

Annie said...

It's such an amazing thing...this internet thingy. It has a way [and a lot of that is thanks to Julia and WOYWW]of connecting lovely like minded people and all the special things that come with it. Huge congrats on your 100 followers....I'm proud to be one of those :-)
A x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Congrats honey. xxx

Sunshine Girl said...

Congratulations! I might just have to have a baileys tonight to celebrate for you too!

JoZart said...

Congrats on 100 followers! I joined but can't see me so I'll do it again.
Would be good if we could do a Northern WOYWW fest and I'm up for it. I've got the premises which also has some accomodation as I am planning an Art retreat there for Vicky Stampers members for next Spring. Could be a WOYWW one too on another date but would people be as mad as us to travel so far?
Jo x

lisa said...

I'm singing "Congratulations" in a very loud, very out of tune kind of way, but hey, it's the thought that counts!!!!!
Well done you on your 100th follower. It's funny where these little old blogs of ours take us too isn't it.
Here's to the next 100 and enjoy that Baileys!!
Hugs Lisax

Mrs A. said...

I had some wine earlier does that count?!!!!. Congratulations on your 1st one hundred. Hugs Mrs a.

Terry said...

WooHoo and big congratulations! Yes, it is amazing in so many ways! The art sharing and friendship is what this is all about! Enjoy and always enjoy your fabulous art!

Morti said...

And now you have 101..... ;-D

Darnell J Knauss said...

Congratulations, Hettie! A real milestone week and lots of fun. I'll raise a glass of my fave PG to you in celebrations!!

Kim said...

Bailey's is definitely the celebratory drink of choice! Sliante!