Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happy Mothering Sunday

Hello There! 

Hasn't today been a glorious day weatherwise?  I was lucky enough to spend some time with my Girls today sitting on the bench whilst they had a roam around.  It was lovely to see them enjoying the Spring sunshine and having a rootle around looking for fresh worms.  Mr Hettie kindly cleaned the coup out and just let me enjoy my time with the Girls.  We noticed that Tracey was a little slower than normal and not her usual self, although she did come to me for a cwtch and we had a long chat.  So glad we did as when I went out a little later she had toddled off over the Rainbow Bridge.  She was the last of the first set of rescue hens that we had and we are guessing 5 or 6 years old.  We had her nearly 4 years. Bon voyage Tracey.  We will miss your wonky tail feather and I will miss our cwtches.

Right onto today's post.  I wanted to share with you the Mothering Sunday cards I made for both mine and Mr Hettie's mothers last week...

I made the card using some Bazzill cardstock and then cut the filigree piece using my Silhouette.  This was a NBUS design that I downloaded.   It took me a few attempts as the cardstock was quite thick.  However, persaver is my middle name (amongst others!) and I set the cutter to double cut and it cut it perfick.  

Then I looked to find some patterned paper to cut the butterfly with...I did not want to use the one that was cut with the filigree background.  I managed to find a Snippet of Crafty Individuals card and just about squeezed two butterflies out.  I then took my NBUS Martha Stewart Butterfly punch and punched an extra butterfly for the centre.  Once it was all assembled I took the Liquid Perfect Pearls and applied liberally. 

My Mum loved it so much she asked me if I would make something similar as invitations to their BIG Anniversary later this year.  However, she wants to embroider some butterflies to add in the centre.  I will share those with you when the time comes. 

Now the sharp eyed among you will realise that I have used the same butterfly punch before, however, the punch was totally knackered dull and not cutting properly.  So I hunted around for a while trying to get a good price.  Eventually I found a brand new one on a famous auction site at a bargain price so Paypal helped me out.  I haven't got rid of the old one yet.  Thinking it would make a good paperweight.  Incidentally I have tried every possible remedy to sharpen it.  

Right, one more think I need to do now is to welcome Twinkle Toes as my latest Follower.  Thank you so much.

Off to join in the fun and frolics at the Snippets Playground as well as Darnell's Playhouse and Mrs A's Butterfly Farm.  Cor that is going to be a busy half hour!!

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scrappymo! said...


So sorry to hear about your wee hen. I bet she had a wonderful life with you both, though...

Sent you an email full of thank yous as something arrived earlier and I love it!

Painters arriving tomorrow so must dash to declutter the furniture...lamps, knicknacks etc...all must be stashed on the kitchen counters!

Carol L said...

Beautiful butterfly card, and I love the die background with embellished flowers! Poor Tracey - at least she found someone who truly cared about her in the last years of her life.

JD/ Jill said...

Pretty card!

Mrs A. said...

Sad news about Miss Tracey but so glad that you found the time to come and play again at the Butterfly farm. Those silhouette fingys give me goosey pimples just thinking about them so best left well alone me thinks. Only just getting the hang of my brayer. I like the way you have use the patterned paper to create the larger butterfly. hugs Mrs A.

Sue said...

So sad to hear about Tracey...your card is gorgeous lots of huggles Sue xx

SARN said...

Aww . . . RIP Tracey. Hugs to you my friend.

Very pretty butterfly card you've made here. No surprise that it wanted replicating by your Mum for their anniversary invites.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Di said...

Gorgeous card Hettie - and am not surprised your Mum wants that design for her invitations.

So sorry to hear about Tracey - as I said on FB - you gave her love and freedom for the time she was with you.


Di xx

Jean said...

Your card is lovely, the silhouette cut panel looks stunning on the darker background, and I like the patterned paper butterfly.
I'm sorry about your little hen, i am sure she felt well loved.
Jean x

andree said...

A great card, I love the way you did the double butterfly in the middle. Andree (Guest Designer Butterfly Challenge #26)

Brenda said...

I'm sorry to hear about your hen, but it sounds like you gave her a nice life. I love your beautiful card, I can see why your mother would want you to make invites for their anniversary. Hugs, Brenda

Kathleen said...

Well poor Tracey, must admit I have never heard a hen called that before and loved the photo of her.

Was a bit of a let down but on the bright side, I have sold on e-bay all my MS punches but two, one was a snowflake punch and the other was this butterfly punch, yes I know BUT Justin Case I did need a butterfly this is one that I can use without feeling guilty. Great frame and love the background of the larger B.
Now have not been ignoring you BUT, I have tried numerous times to reply to your mail and even made a new mail but for some reason they will not send I have 2 still in my send folder that have been there since the 19th and I have deleted the others.
The answer to your question, are we meeting up then? was ... You never told me the dates.

Iggy's gone, broke my heart, I wasn't going to let him go as the place was full of pine tree and quite dry and barren land but after walking around found what they called the Nature reserve, which was really green and pretty I decided I would let him go there, it was a better place so I told him you would miss him and I shed a little tear and told him that it was all Parsnips fault and to beware of any Teddy Bears.

Kath x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Sad to hear about Tracey but glad you got to spend some last minute quality time with her. I image her riding around the Rainbow Bridge on the back of a big old tom cat or perhaps a yellow lab (ruling the roost, but of course).

Great card, love the filigree background. Good for you for finding a replacement punch. I've heard you can sharpen punches by punching aluminum foil but I've tried it and if you are looking for a way to get frustrated easy--that will do it for you (but sharpen a punch? no).

Kathyk said...

Just read this, so sorry to read about Tracey - such little characters, I'm sure you'll miss her.


Bonnie said...

I'm glad you stuck with this because that's a beautiful lacy background for the pretty butterfly!

Bonnie said...

Sorry about Tracey, but I'm glad you got to have a final chat. I'm sure she enjoyed it too!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, please, a half hour. Sam? You would spend a half hour at my place just having a warm-up wodka and some nibbly bits! You are a dear for coming to play in my NBUS Challenge #4 with your beautiful butterfly card! Well done on pear serving to the end, it was well worth it and it's no wonder your mum wants you to do more for the anni. Those will be gorj with embroidered flutterbys!!

As I wrote on FB, I'm so sorry Tracey has gone on her way. Oh, if only we all could go so gently into the long goodnight after loving hugs and chats with our dear ones!

Sending the same to you now! Hugs, Darnell (hopefully, that doesn't mean I'm going to keel over right quick!)

Greta said...

Sorry to hear about Tracey--beautiful picture of her. Your card is gorgeous!

butterfly said...

How sweet that Tracey came to say goodbye - lump in throat - very sad.

Lovely card(s) - the depth of colour in the middle layer works so brilliantly to set off the white filigree. Fab!
Alison xx