Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Mayflower...Mini Album...

Hello there

Well that weekend went like a flash and ended with a crash bang wallop didn't it?  We had beautiful weather yesterday and Hubby and I were able to do a little more work on my little Trabbi called Hilda before it absolutely tipped it down and has remained so most of today.   Never mind ey!  It gave me chance to have a play in my Craft Room today.

Now some of you know from a previous post that myself, Sandra, Debs and Miss had a meet up in Southampton for lunch.  We all had to be on our best behaviour!  Debs kindly volunteered to pick myself and Sandra up from the train station, however there was an hour between our trains so Debs offered to take me to the Mayflower monument whilst we waited for Sandra's train.  Whilst there we met a gentleman and his wife, and he told us that he was a direct descendant of one of the people named on the monument.  

Of course I had my trusty camera with me and snapped some shots.

Debs had made is all a little W or M (depending what hemisphere you reside in) mini album and I decided I would print my photos out on my Pogo printer (a bit like the old instamatic photos which measure about 2x3") and put them into this album.  The little anchor on the front is my addition.

On the left is the main plaque on the monument which is on the right. Surprisingly there are no signs to let people know this monument is here.

Some close ups of the monument.  The little words are from some VOS K&Co paper which I have cut from a Snippet.
The photo on the left is the view over Southampton from the monument.  I suspect that this looks very much different from that day in 1620 when they embarked on the journey.  The tall ship on the right was passing just as we were walking back to Debs' car.  

This building is where the voyagers would have passed through in order to board the ships.  Yes, there were two....The Mayflower and The Speedwell.  Unfortunately The Speedwell didn't get any further than Plymouth.
The little tags in the album I have used to put factoids on including the date, crew and cargo as well as the firstborn on American soil.
If you are interested about the voyage of The Mayflower there is a book available on Kindle HERE which I very much enjoyed. 

Hopefully the next time I share this little album I will have completed an item on my bucket list which has been near the top for a very long time.  I have wanted to see Plymouth Rock and surrounding area since we studied the Mayflower when I were a lass!  

I am off to take this down to the Snippets Playground as I have been using lots of little Snippets in this book.  I hear Debs is poorly so hopefully knowing I have used her little book may cheer her up a little.

Have a great week.  I am hoping that BT will have sorted our t'internet out so I can visit blogs better this week.



Mrs A. said...

That's a very pretty mini album. Love all those colours together. Hugs Mrs a.

scrappymo! said...

This is beautiful. Love the colours, the flowers, the factoids...the whole kit and caboodle!

When I tried to enlarge the photos to see the details more clearly, I got error 502 message...darn blogger!

SARN said...

WOW Sam . . . you have added lovely photo's and embellishments to the little book Debs gave you. You're so good at this sort of thing!

I haven't done anything to mine yet, but am thinking of making it into a "positivity" book with quotes I like etc on the tags!

Happy Monday!

Hugs, Sarn xx

Jo said...

Fabulous, so pretty & colourful!
hugs Jo x

Debs Willis said...

Definitely cheered me up seeing all those lovely pics, reminded me of a really fun day :-)
Love your additions, they work really well
Big hugs
Debs xx

Di said...

Oh how lovely Sam! I haven't used my lovely mini album yet but will do for sure. I always worry about spoiling things! :(

On your advice I downloaded the book from Amazon - not had chance to read it yet but you just prompted me!

Hugs, Di xx

Sue - said...

Great little album and very interesting post. I always thought that the Mayflower left from Plymouth, didn't realise it had actually started in Southampton.

Kate said...

Fabulous little mini! Love the flowery cover.

Jean Straw said...

What a lovely little album to remind you of your day out.I love all the little factoid tags, and great photos.
Jean x

butterfly said...

What a fantastic little Mayflower memento album - lovely!
Alison xx