Saturday, 1 February 2014

Tulips in the Wind

Hello There

Sorry I have been hiding this week.  I have a manic week with an emergency dash to MILs after she had a fall on Wednesday evening so I missed posting on Wednesday.  MIL is fine with a dented pride, bump on her forehead and a shiner of a black eye.  No long term damage but it was a bit of a worry at the time.  The out of hours GP could not be bothered to get off his overpaid a**e and we had to call the paramedics out.  The Paramedic was a very nice man and told us we did the right thing.  It is no wonder the ambulance service is like it is if GPs won't do their job!

I went out lunchtime yesterday to spend my voucher at the Art Shop on some paints, art journals and spatulas.  I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty this weekend.

Right onto today's post   I needed to make two birthday cards for two very special peeps and decided to dig out one of my first dies I bought when I had my Big Shot all those years ago. 

I embossed the background card part way with my SU folder and then scored two narrow lines and placed snippets of ribbon across.  I had a rummage through my Snippets drawer and came up with these.  The spotty was left over from a scrapbook layout.  The pieces below were from the spray box.
I tried using silicone on these cards to give a layered look.  Never again!  I was forever cleaning up my little messes! 

The rest of the greens were all from various projects and the orange backgrounds pieces were from a very old pack I bought many years ago.  I placed corners on the one above but decided to use up some sparkly spots for the others.
I even decorated the interiors with some teeny tiny tulips too but I have forgotten to upload that photo!  Duh! All the sentiments were done with Hero Arts and the inside sentiment was my favourite Penny Black.  As usual I made four cards, two to use and two for my box. 

I am just going to sneak in to the Snippets Playground before Miss shuts the gates in the morning and while the mischievous ones are asleep.   Have a great weekend y'all!



Bonnie said...

What pretty tulips! I love the dimension and the curling leaves and stems as well as the pretty flowers! Hope you enjoy the weekend with your new goodies!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Sam, this is an awesome die! Is it still being made, do you know? I am slack-jawed by the dimension you've created and the brilliant use of all those fun patterned papers on the petals and leaves!!

I'm glad to hear your MIL was not seriously injured in her fall. Have a great weekend getting dirty. (Oh, that sounded naughty!) Hugs, Darnell

scrappymo! said...

What a pretty paper pieced tulip. DH always calls them daffodils! Just to bug

Your look so pretty...think I love the dotted on as it is unexpected and so fun and cheery.

SARN said...

Hi Sam . . .pleased to hear all is well with your MIL. Shame about the Doc not doing his job though. Don't get me started!!!

Onto your cards . . . very pretty spring-like they are too. I love the touch of embossing and all the dimension you'v given them. Silicone glue and I are not the best of friends either!

Have a great weekend Honey. xxx

Di said...

Wahoo Sam - wonderful cards and the dimension on the tulips is just stunning! Err, silicone glue and I sometimes fight too - but, you can get little syringes especially for silicone glue which does make life easier and a lot less messy.

Hope your MIL is recovering well - what a fright though.And like Sarn, don't get me started about doctors!!

Hugs, Di xx

lisa said...

I'm so glad you MIL is ok, Sam, that must have given you a fright. The out of hours GPs are rubbish, when DD was really sick (passing out) in the night I called them and was told there are more important old people who need help first!!!!! I was so cross but thankfully we have a Hospital over the road that opens at 9am but I still had to carry her in her dressing gown as she couldn't walk. I made my feelings very clear to the doctor there!!
Mmmm I've seen this gorgeous card somewhere before, it's even more lovely in real life. Thank you again.
Hope you are enjoying your crafty weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Irene said...

Hello Sam,
Your cards are gorgeous, stunning little tulips. Know what you mean about silicon glue grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
What a fright about your MIL - so pleased she is better.

Mrs A. said...

Tawsn't asleep. I spied you with me infra red laser gun climbing over the gate. These tulips are just the job . Might need to nab them though to plant in the front garden as there is no sign of the ones I put in last September. Hugs Mrs a.

Karen Petitt said...

I love these cards! I have some of the old red, green and yellow original dies and I still use them now and again. The metal dies have brought the price of them down as well as making the dies smaller so they are better for the card makers. I think originally they were made for scrapbookers and quilters in the USA. I rarely use silicon or Pinflair glue gel these days - can't stand the smell and mess from the first and the second is too expensive. Am using a glue gun for dimensional work - cheaper and quicker and much less messy. Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

butterfly said...

Jeepers - glad to hear your MIL hasn't done herself any lasting damage - scary stuff.

Loving your dimensional tulips - so effective and so beautiful. Sounds like you made some good purchases - looking forward to seeing what you've been up to this weekend.
Alison xx

Jules said...

Hi Hettie

That tulip is just stunning!! What a fabulous die! You have worked it so well!

Pleased your MIL is OK. That must have been super scary for you.

Have a good day.

Love Jules xx