Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Vietnam Part 7 - Final Post...

Hello There

I haven't been around for a few days since I have had a few visitors - Mr Chestin Fection and Mr Sinus Fection and they brought along their friend Mr Vertigo!  Boy has this been a few rough days.  I am not sure how long I can stay on my puter as I am having trouble focusing (or staying awake) for very long.  It started late Saturday afternoon and I haven't been in my Craft Room since.  Boo Hoo!

I missed my T on Tuesday yesterday too.  The layout I wanted to share is waiting to be photographed having finished it on Friday, but I cannot look down to take the shots, so I thought I would share with you the last few layouts of my Vietnam Album.  It may make us all feel a little warmer for a few moments and we can ignore that thrashing rain and wind that is coming down outside our windows.

Once the ride had finished a little way outside Saigon, we were bussed in to our hotel.  They would not let us cycle in to the main capital due to Mr Elf n Safety!  After I had seen the way they rode in on the outskirts I was quite relieved!

Some of us went to their Blind Institution where some of the blind of Saigon earn money as masseurs.  Let me tell you it was both enjoyable and painful.  After all those miles cycling our legs were pretty muscular and some of us had mild burns on the backs of them, including me.  Then it was Dinner and on to a club where a few got very drunk.  I knew I had to be up early the next morning as I was being taken around Saigon by a friend, Mandy, whom I had arranged to meet up with.  We had 3 hours until we had to be back at the hotel to be taken to the airport.  I did not want a hangover for that time.

The top left picture is of the main market from outside my hotel room.  The card is of the hotel.  The larger picture on the right is of the main Post Office.  It was fabulous.  The Church on the left is their "Notre Dames" and as we were taking photos a newly married couple were having their wedding photos taken and we were asked to be in their photos.  Apparently it is the done thing to have Westerners in your wedding photos, no matter how casual they look!  It had happened earlier on in the trip too.

Top right photo shows you what I mean about the driving in Saigon.  Frenzied and no mercy shown!  Yes we took a ride on rickshaws.  I couldn't believe they could smoke and cycle with us on there.  We also took a ride on mopeds too.  No helmets either!  Scary.
The last page below is a montage of photos.  It seems so long ago now but is still remembered with much fondness.  We did all keep in touch for a little while, but not long after the trip Anne left RNIB and moved, and some got married and moved and it all kinda phizzled out, mores the pity.  I still would do it all again, and the hard work taken to raise £2,601 was well worth it in the end.  As I am nearing another big birthday, I have been asked if I will do something like this again.  Ask me on a day when I am feeling better!

Thanks for popping round.  I will try and get to you all over the next few days but time on laptop is limited to how long I can focus.



Diane said...

First let me say thank you for the laughs this morning, I hope you are feeling better Hettie.
What a wonderful trip and love the scrap pages.

lisa said...

Oh poo, Sam, how awful. Hope you feel better really soon. We had the sniffles last week but thankfully a lazy day and we were feeling better.
Your scrap pages look gorgeous, they must really cheer you up when you are feeling under the weather. I always enjoy looking back at holiday photos. Lovely memories!!
Take care
hugs Lisax

Belinda Basson said...

Bet you were glad you did not have to get around in that traffic! Thanks for showing us this trip, I have really enjoyed it. May your visitors leave you in peace shortly...sooner rather than later!

Bonnie said...

So sorry you're feeling bad! Remembering this fantastic trip is probably very good therapy! Hope tomorrow the sun shines and you feel much, much better!

Kathleen said...

Great pages, looks like you had a great time, not like at the monment funny how unwelcome visitors can be visiting different people at the same time cough cough.

Kath x

Kathleen said...

Great pages, looks like you had a great time, not like at the monment funny how unwelcome visitors can be visiting different people at the same time cough cough.

Kath x

Anonymous said...

What an achievement to complete the book and so special.
I hope you feel better soon.

Di said...

Well done Sam - and what wonderful memories you shared.

Just don't share the lurgy please - and get well soon!

Hugs from afar


scrappymo! said...

Hope you feel better soon. The vertigo must be so frustrating!
I am turning on the fan now to blow any germs back across the ocean lol

This really was the trip of a lifetime. Your book has been so fun to view and it must have been a trip down memory lane to create it.

The lady I go to for pedicures and manicures, is from Vietnam and goes back every 5 years or so. She went in 2013 for 3 months and I so enjoyed her picutures too!

That traffic looks scary!

SARN said...

A momentous trip full of great memories Sam. Lovely that you've made a scrapbook from your photo's.

Hope you feel better VERY soon mate.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Mair Dyer said...

Sorry to hear you have been poorly. Hope you are better soon. Love Mair X

butterfly said...

Sounds like exactly the bug I had over Christmas - do look after yourself... it's a long slow haul back to life speed.

Fabulous to see your final pages - and what a time you clearly had of it in Saigon! Can't wait to hear if you come up with a big birthday trip plan!!
Alison x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Amazing memories, Sam! Thank you for sharing! I see you have oddly named folks that visit your blog, too! And not to mention germy ones!

I send healing vibes of wellness winging your way to work their magic!! Big hugs, Darnell

Kim said...

Oh No; hope your feeling better by now! (such a late visitor I am) Lovely shots...How cool you got to get a personal tour! Take care...

Karen Petitt said...

You need to tell them Mr Fections to bu**er off sweetie. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Lovely pages, thank you for sharing these and the memory of your wonderful trip with us xx