Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Scrapbook Tuesday - T on Tuesday - Hunterman

Hello There

Happy Tuesday to you all.  I hope if the weather is very cold you are warm and if it is very wet (as it is right here) your wellies are not leaking!

Today is Tuesday so I am sharing with you my Scrapbook Layout which I created on the weekend.  I am also joining in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard on the T stands for ....  I have been meaning to for ages so today is as good a time as any.

Rightio, onto the layout......

This is my Man - Mr Hubbie.  He is down at the bottom of our garden clearing the undergrowth.  Except at this point he was fixing the electrickery cable which he had just cut through with the chainsaw.  This lead goes to the pump below which we need to pump water to our home!  By the end of two days he had redeemed himself of the little mishap as he actually cleared a LOT of the undergrowth - just need to go the other way now.  

Here is how I started.  I took a plain fresh piece of 12x12 SU VeryVanilla cardstock and masked some areas off using washi tape/tissue tape.  Now before you have the eeby jeebies, I often see people using these xpensive tapes to mask off and cried, but when you look at how much tape is on a reel, you can spare a lickle bit to mask off a masterpiece!

Once masked I flicked some acrylic paint which I had watered down a little to make flicking easier and then using my lovely shiny new star mask I masked little areas with my Sweet Poppy Embossing Paste (had it about 3 months and not used the black!)

Then whilst that was drying I had to think about what I wanted to decorate the page with and decided to dig in my Tin of Shame.  This tin is one of those that I just throw bits in that might come in useful.  There are die cuts (some sent to me), stampings, flowers, old credit cards, paper pags, old cards, you name it it is probably in there.  Well, my Aim for 2014 is to clear it again so I can find things.  And that is where I got all my embellishments from except the TH dangley thing!  Look away now if you are scared...

The tea of today is Camomile and Spiced Apple.  Due to the antibiotics I can only tolerate one cup of normal tea first thing in the morning before said antib.  So I tend to drink a plethora of herbal teas during the day.  That cup is the last one of a set of 6 that Simon's Nan bought us when we got engaged.  It is pretty special to me. 

I have used a plethora of trimmings.  All boy (top left) is Cosmo Cricket likewise the Go confidently under the picture and the chipboard letters.  The dark star is one left over from a scrapbook kit of many years, the birdie on a branch was donated as was the branch and picket fence.  Paperclip was from Ikea, the chipboard star was a piece of packaging, the brad is ancient, the ribbon was out of the snippet ribbon basket.  The arrows were in a pack of assorted punctuations bought at least last century and never used!   The little stars stampings are Lavinia Stamps inked with Mowed Lawn DI (NBUS)

Off to the Snippets Playground for a little play with my buddies.  Hopefully the fence is fixed now and the goat has come home!

Thanks for calling by.  Enjoy your tea!



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This post made me smile. What a wonderful way to honor your hubby and put a funny spin on his boo boo. That's a lovely layout and I'm sure he is proud of it, too.

Your cup is gorgeous. I really like the pattern and can see why it's a favorite.

Thanks for joining us for T, Hettie. It's a great time to start and I love the way you introduced yourself to others by showing the lovely art you make. Welcome, welcome.

SARN (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fabulous scrapbook page . . .love the tape and the inking.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Di said...

Fabulous Sam! I did giggle about Simon's boo boo - at least he didn't electromacalute himself! I do agree about using washi tape - there's tons on a reel so why not indeed!

Hugs, Di xx

Halle said...

Love the spattered apint on the page. that is one of my favorite things to do...I love getting all messy. :)
Happy Tuesday!

Krisha said...

Welcome to T-day Hettie! Fresh faces are always so good to see!

You cup is stunning, and I can see why it is so special to you.

Your LO description had me smiling, I think we all like to splatter paint once in a while (it's the inner child wanting to play too)
Happy T-day

lisa said...

Gorgeous LO, Hettie. What a great way to record the undergorwth episode. Did you make him stay there 'till the electrickery was fixed????
Love how you've created your background, just my thing, splattering paint.
Hugs Liasx

Belinda Basson said...

Love the story and the page. I have a box like that...or maybe 3 no make that 5...OK, I am going to stop looking round my studio now...

butterfly said...

That's so funny - talk about one job leads to another! Great page, and I love the masking you did before the splattering - fabulous composition altogether!
Alison x

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! What a great layout, I love everything about it! So fun to make little clusters of goodies on a page.

Lovely tea cup too!

see you there! said...

You created a great scrapbook page.
You must be very sentimental about that tea mug, hope you get many more years of use from it.


Mrs A. said...

Sounds like you have plenty of water without the pump!! I like your layout and great piccy of mr hubbie. Hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine having to live the "old" way and draw your own water for everything you needed it for!! Be careful what you wish for re the snow, it tends to be all or nothing! Great page, hope he also got the undergrowth cleared or is that a never ending job?


Kate said...

Great layout! I love all that white with the various placed embellishments. It draws my eyes to the right spot. That tea sounds yummy! I LOVE my herbal teas and have just started making my own blends. Love how you combine tea and art! Hope you are feeling better soon, Sam.

scrappymo! said...

Great layout and thanks for the tip about the washi tape as a mask. great idea.
You managed to find so many well suited embellies for this layout...it looks great!