Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW 206 - How much mess can one card incur?

Hello Friends

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It is WOYWW Day with the lovely Hostess Julia.  

Without further ado here is my desk as it was last night as I was putting a card together for my friend Claire who's birthday is today.....

How much mess can one make whilst making a card?  Lots......

For those of you who called by last week, you will recall that I mentioned Doris the Duck when relating how old the fabric was that I used for my ironing board cover.  You see I bought three lots of fabric, all the same but in different colours.  Well here is Doris in her finery......

And now her "ankles"....
Yep!  It is a DC01 and it is still working though I am waiting for a new belt as it snapped last Thursday.  

Right.  No dancing tonight as we have finished until September so I will have more chance to visit desks tonight!  Yeay!!

Can I ask you all to think warm thoughts for me this coming weekend please?  I have my nephew's wedding on Saturday and my dress is not exactly suitable for this chilly weather and some of my work colleagues and I are completing a sponsored walk for In the Pink (breast cancer research) on Sunday and I do NOT fancy doing it in wellies and sowester!

TTFN and see you later!  Don't forget to join in with Julia HERE.  



PS If any of you who were at the Crop and saw my Christmas Album in the making, it is HERE if you would like to see it finished.


Annie said...

Oh Sam I need a Doris duck hoover looks so boring :-) Did you make her?
A x # 47

Jackie said...

Doris duck for the Hoover is just fab you need to be making and selling these
Jackie 6

Twiglet said...

Doris is stunning - so glamorous!! Best of luck for a sunny day at the wedding and a dry walk!! x Jo

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

What did you call her Doris for? She's more of a Jemima in my head!

Happy WOYWW honey.

Sarn xxx

CraftygasheadZo said...

O Doris is fab! I think we all make a mess no matter how small the make. Hope the weekend goes well. Take care Zo xx 75

Helen said...

oh, so that's Doris the Duck!! she looks great - what a good idea. Hope your friend likes her card. Helen 16

Monique said...

Love your Doris the Duck. Hope you have a sunny weekend, so your wellies can stay at home =)

Shaz Brooks said...

Doris is awesome! Will definitely be thinking warm weather thoughts for you-hope both the wedding & walk go well. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #85 xxx

Alison Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. Doris would not suit our household, as I have a Henry Hoover and he is round/not very tall !! I did hear that it will be warmer towards the weekend - have a fab time at the wedding, and best of luck for the sponsored walk. Ali x #27

butterfly said...

The card certainly looks worth making some mess for, and Doris is a delight! Do hope the weather perks up for you... we arrived home in the driving rain last night - only just unpacked the car now!
Alison xx

ike said...

OMGoodness - what an awesome Duch .... I deffo want a Doris now :-)
I'll get my prayer mats out for your weekend weather. :-) Just to make you mad... my weather here is Greece is hot and sunny and will probably stay that way now until next Feb !!! LoL
Happy WOYWW 206 - have a great weekend.

Ike xx #101

Di said...

Hi Sam

That's a lovely card there girl! And Doris is super too.

Hope all goes well with the wedding then the walk!

Re. the bookmarks........the absolutely brilliant news is finally someone has come forward and will be taking over the 600+ newsletters three times a year even sooner than I hoped! So no more of that particular job for me - YAY!!

Hugs and Happy WOYWW!!


Ria Gall said...

Hi Hettie
I think it is safe to say we all love Doris the duck and we all need one, what a fantastic idea.
Love the card you have made a good luck with the wedding and the run
Have a great WOYWW today and a fabby week
Ria #21

lisa said...

Well that's one way to hide the hoover, Hettie, I love Doris!! If you hide it does that mean you don't have to do it??
Thanks for the hello, yesterday, I had to explain to "the gang" who you are!! Just some nutty woman I know was the answer!! Only kidding.
We are definitely swapping atc's btw.
Hugs Lisax #136

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, is Doris modelled on anyone we know? What a great idea for a Hoover there's a snappy title for your etsy shop....grin!!
Good luck for the weekend, shall be thinking warm weathers thoughts for you!
Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

The Taming of the Glue said...

I love the duck!! Wishing you warm and dry weather for the weekend, good luck with the sponsored walk and enjoy the wedding. Happy WOYWW. Pam#14

Sue - said...

Love Doris!!! Doesn't look too messy to me - I usually end up with just about 6" of space on my desk.

Jackie said...

Hettie no a cancer !!!! Half a sixpence was the first film my parents took me to see at the cinema !

I am planning on getting the bigger Gelli plate to as I am a scrapbooker first

fairy thoughts said...

Oh fabulous I am so glad you showed us Doris, a hoover cover who would have thought....brilliant.
And the answer to your question.... masses of mess, I think we have all been there
janet #29

Darnell J Knauss said...

Positive thoughts and even prayers coming your way for a perfect weatherly and successful and fun weekend for you, Sam!

Great card for Claire! And Doris? What a hoot! I have a sister named Doris, which she hates, so she's always been known as "Dood." It is a name way more suited to a Duck!

Thanks for coming by the Playhouse earlier. Darnell #37

Alison Scott said...

Great desk Hettie.
Love, love, love Doris the Duck! If you're selling them I'm buying one!!! I have a DC01 too and hate where it sits, but to look at Daisy every time it would be great.
Hope the weather improves for you and best of luck for the walk.
No WOYWW, appointments galore today.

susibee said...

Doris is so cute, such a great idea:)

Enjoy the rest of the week. Susi #137

scrappymo! said...

Positive thoughts heading across the ocean for some lovely weather for your walk and the wedding!

Doris is a sweetie!

Your card is featured on my blog today. I posted each card I received in March/April and linked it to the senders blog. Haven't mentioned my surprise that was inside as I will finish the card first and then post it.

I also managed to post some piccies of our garden project.

Scrappymo #84

Mrs A. said...

We hereby demand a Doris duck for the snippets tree house!! In pink please. If you looksee very carefully at me Alien page there is snippets a plenty! The stars are from the border which in turn is from the green spotty card I rescued from The Doc's Tarts!!
Hugs Mrs A.

Morti said...

Ahhhhhhhhh - now THAT's an idea! Not so much for my hoover (although that's going to need a cover soon) but for my ironing board. That's what I thought you were hiding at first! Well, you mentioned the ironing board and then my brain farted... I got the two crossed. But to have something like that, maybe a giant witch? Oooh, I'm gonna have some fun....

Thanks for stopping by!