Monday, 20 May 2013

Scrapbook Tuesday - More Mini Wedding Album

Hello Friends

Gosh!  I don't know about you, but Monday evening sure went quick for me.  One minute I was pickling eggs then the next I realised it was time for me to write up my Scrapbook Tuesday post, so I have taken the laptop to bed with my hot chocolate and am writing this in the comfort of my cosy bed!  

As Weddings are high up in my mind at the moment, due to it being my Nephew's Wedding last Saturday, I thought I would share some more photos of my mini Wedding Album with you.  It is quite appropriate really, as my Nephew Rhys features in the first layout I am sharing with you.  Aww Bless!  

My proud big Sister, the tall one, is here also as well as Rhys' twin sister Angharad (the darker haired Bridesmaid at the back).  

I love this photo as it was a bit of a candid one in that we weren't posing.  I think snapshots are sometimes much better than the "official" ones!

This photo is one of my favourite photos of the day.  We were having a chat here and the photographer caught us before asking us to turn to face him!  I was trying to get Simon to give me a kiss!!

It is one of the only photos where you can see the flowers in my headdress.  I love my headdress and at the time I chose this tiaras had started being the in thing so everyone kept trying to push tiaras on me.  I refused to have the one in the shop as it was missing a few beads, and so it had to be ordered!!  It was touch and go as to whether it would arrive in time.  I was a bit techy about having the one from the shop that others had tried on!  The amount it cost I felt I had every right to be!!  It is available if anyone would like to "borrow" it!!

Well, I hope you have had a giggle at my expense!  I shall take it along to the Playground as it includes lots of Snippets, and I know a few of my Playmates do like a giggle!

Off to beddiebies now! Nos da!




Di said...

Loving your album Sam! And I do agree about unposed photos being the best ones.

Ha, ha - I'd been so busy gawping at the piccies I'd hardly taken much note of the snippets so just had to go back for another look. Love them, and the colour combo too.

Hugs, Di xx

tilly said...

love the pics in the scrapbook and the layouts

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Aww . . . thanks for sharing your happy day with us all these years later!

Sarn xxx

Sue - said...

Lovely pics and layouts and a great way of using snippets.

Jules said...

What a super lovely little album Sam .. .. your wedding day photographs certainly turned out an awful lot better than ours.

The photographer re-printed them as we complained about them .. .. and they were still rubbish LOL!!!

Hope you have a good day

Love Jules xx

Terry said...

What a lovely way to capture such treasured moments in time! The pages and design are wonderful. I agree that "snapshots" are some of the best photos! Enjoy the day!

Karen Petitt said...

Beautiful way to use up your snippets and nothing to laugh about - they're wonderful photographs and it's so nice that you are sharing them with us. Fab layouts and wonderful details hugs Karen

Belinda Basson said...

Have not been here for a while. Love the wedding photos, was looking at mine too the other day! Must be something in the air!

okienurse said...

Awesome wedding album Hettie! I didn't get around much last week so promised myself I would visit everyone that visited me last week this week! I know so behind but getting there. Have a great week! Vickie #26

Mrs A. said...

Some of the best photos are the unofficial ones. Love your cascade of flowers. Hugs Mrs a.

Darnell J Knauss said...

What a sweet mini album, Sam, thank you for sharing!! You and Simon look so adorable! It was a lovely snippets visit with you today. BTW, I notice when I have "pickled" eggs, I, too, seem to lose track of time. Sort of like when I have "pickled" lime with tequila!

(BTW, my little bird family is a common yard bird we get around here. I don't really know the name, so that's why I haven't said. Don't know if you have these there, but I'm thinking in the wren or sparrow family. I'm seeing another bird lady for lunch tomorrow and I'm hoping she can tell me the name, so I can properly share it. xxoo Darnell)

butterfly said...

What lovely photos... I love that you're finally scrapping and sharing them now - even though it's just been your nephew's turn to walk down the aisle. Lovely to come full circle!
Alison x

lisa said...

Your album is looking gorgeous, Sam, i love the unposed photos, they are always the best. It's funny how we remember the funny things about our Weddings isn't it. My shoes were my biggest expense but I loved them and have them carefully stored away in the loft. Maybe they'll get another outing one day!!
Hugs Lisax

Elizabeth said...

Your photos are gorgeous, Sam, and the layouts are lovely. I so agree with you that snaps are often better than the professionals - my favourite wedding photo was taken by a friend too. Elizabeth xx

scrappymo! said...

I love that headpiece! It is so pretty and the floral spray on it is gorgeous!
The kiddies are cute and to think that little fellow is now old enough to be a groom himself!

Victoria said...

Really enjoying having a browse through your recent posts that I've missed. Love these pages of your mini wedding album and I especially love the last photo, like you do. I love those kind of photos of our wedding day too. :)