Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Triangles Challenge Quilt

Hello Friends

I am in a bit of a sewing mood at the moment and have been finishing some projects so I can reduce my sewing pile down.  Every time Lesley comes up for a crafting evening she walks past it and gives what can only be described as a "look"!!   I remembered I had not shared my miniature Challenge Quilt I was making a short while ago.  Here it is.....

Typical of me, it is in a Christmas kinda mood!  Just to give you an idea of the size, the whole quilt measures 12" x 12"!  Those triangles are minute and most definitely Snippets so it can go in the Treehouse over at the Snippets Playground.  Hopefully I will soon finish the project which most of these batik type fabrics are Snippets from!  Not the best photo of it, it is a little washed out, but these days the camera tends to need to have the flash switched on, but it is a near likeness.  

Rumour has it that Teacher is off on a "Jolly" again so we can get up to mischief without her seeing or finding out....until she comes back that is!  

Off to visit some other blogs now while I scoff my lunch!



Annie said...

Wow Sam I love your mini quilt...what patience you must have making one that small.
A x

scrappymo! said...

Oh my, I can't even imagine how small those pieces are...You must have had magnifying glass!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fabulous . . . very grand place mat!

Mrs A is organising a bonfire party apparently. Bring a spud! xxx

lisa said...

Wow, how have you got the patience to sew these little pieces, Sam, they'd drive me mad. It's lovely though. That fabric looks like distress ink that's had water dropped on it. I love it.
Hugs Lisax

Kim said...

That is beautiful! I can only imagine how much work went into that. Congrats on getting it done!

Kate said...

I so love this quilt!! Such a fabulous piece. So much work and creativity. You are a woman of many talents.