Wednesday, 28 November 2012

O Tannenbaum - Tim Holtz style!

Hello Peeps

Just thought I would show you some silliness I have been making for friends and family, and our Dining Room table for Christmas.  You may recall I made two a little while ago, one of which I gave to my Mum when she was poorly, and that I was looking for more flower pots.  Well I found some slightly smaller ones and to be honest I think these are slightly  better in proportion to the trees.  Though the photo does not show them very well, these have all been sprayed with either Glimmer Mist or Perfect Pearls.  

I have quite a forest of trees here as you can see.  I just carried on until I ran out of pots, though I wanted to keep one as I have another idea up my sleeve!  I started making these on Saturday at my friend's so I let her have the first one I made, which is not pictured here. 

Some of them I have put the muses on to reflect the recipient e.g. G for my nephew whose surname is Griffiths and M for Michelle, whose husband was instrumental in getting an essential part of the trees for me.

As I raided my Christmas Snippets box (yes of course I keep Christmas Snippets separate from any other kind of Snippet) I shall be putting these into the Playground as well as, of course, putting these into the Rudolph Day Challenge.  You have until Saturday night to enter into the RD Challenge.  This is a lovely wax set to win.  

I have just realised you can see a Christmas Tree through the window here.  That tree was given to Hubby's parents by the chaps working at the Forestry Commission the year Hubby was born.  As you can see it is still growing strong!  I would like some mad volunteers to help me put lights on it one day!  Any volunteers?  Teehee!




ElizabethR said...

Loving the little forest, your Christmas table will look fab! One of our neighbours has a great big fir tree covered with lights, and it looks gorgeous. He shins up it each year to add extra sets lol, will stick to my little potted version. Hugs Elizabeth xxx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Loving your mini forest Sam. You're so clever.

Thanks for another entry.

Sarn xxx

scrappymo! said...

What a great idea. You were so creative to envision these. They are going to look fabulous on your Christmas table.
Too bad you didn't live next door to me. I have a ton of those wee clay pots. They are left over from making angels tree ornaments twenty-five years ago! Thank goodness I have a double garage as I am such a packrat.
I have a big Costco shelving unit full of craft stuff I should donate. Every now and again I pull it all out and sit in the garage for a few hours each day creating Xmas decorations for our Muldovan immigrant friends.

I have a big long stick thingy that DH created for clearing the gutters. He ducktaped poles together and fashioned a bent metal coat hanger for the top. He uses it to clear a high gutter that fills up with leaves once a year. I use it to decorate a tall Christmas tree in our front yard. It requires 2 ppeople but you basically thread the top of the rope of lights thru and walk around the tree till they snag. They you have to lower the thingy and rethread the lights and continue again till it snags again.

Sorry I'm such a chatty Cathy is 6 am and I am sitting on the heating pad nursing a sore back:( It is hard to balance just how much more to increase activity each day without setting myself up for a day or so of discomfort.

scrappymo! said...

Forgot to say I'm #21

Cardarian said...

Your Christmas trees are lovely! I think I might want to make some too but I can't remember where TH showed how to make them - probably some time last year just before Christmas!
Thank you for sharing! Oh and good news - I got the Poinsittia die from the shop you recommended! Soo happy!
Lots of hugs,

Helen said...

Wow, these are fabulous! I think I have some of those little pots from a crafty idea I had with my sister many many years ago - wonder where they are!!

Sunshine Girl said...

Nice little forest going on there! I started to make one yesterday using T!ms snowflake dies instead of the rosettes - like most things on my table though they still need sticking down!

toni said...

Love your little trees, I hope you post a picture of the table when it is set. Thank you for hopping over x

fairy thoughts said...

hi Sam everyone need a forest at Christmas dont they, they are really cute. I have made similar ones with fabric yoyo's. but cannot show them because of blogger
thanks for sharing
janet #26 WOYWW

Kate said...

So very cute! I love this idea. I am sure they will look beautiful on your table.

Kate said...

Love the trees in the little pots and such a great idea to use the initials on the top to mark peoples places.

** Kate **

Di said...

Wow, fabulous Sam. Would love to know how you make them, but I think Len and I generally know where we sit on Christmas Day - me nearest the kitchen!

Really clever idea.

Hugs, Di xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'll just go and fetch my high is the tree?? :D

Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Terry said...

Awesome little Christmas tree forest! You are so clever and these trees are adorable! Beautiful table decorations for Christmas! Love!!!

lynne said...

Fabulously creative and will make the most amazing gifts as no needless falling on the carpets!
Absolutely love this.

Mrs A. said...

could you resize your pattern and make a humongus one for the playground do you think? Will be straight over with me tools just as soon as I have finished putting the light up on the staging on the pond for the old folks christmas concert.!!
Hugs Mrs A.