Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wedding Bells did Chime....

Hello Peeps

Yesterday, the current Mr Hettie and I attended the wedding of Emma and Chris, and what a lovely sunny day we had.  I even got to wear a dress I had bought to wear on my birthday but until yesterday it had stayed firmly in the wardrobe!

So here first is the card I made for them.......

Made with a few small Snippets so I am going to take it to the Snippets Playground for them to see!  It would appear that Teacher has got hold of our plans for the Treehouse.  You should see it.  Fantastic.  Cannot wait to move in there!  And Di, don't you worry about cleaning the chicken poo, Sandra and I have it all worked out!  

Here is a photo of the happy couple...

Unfortunately Emma looks like she has a big pink thing attached to her nose but it was confetti I assure you.  I just love the look of her face and her son's at the back!

And here is a photo of me trying to look elegant, and as if I like having my photo taken (which I hate), in my new frock.....

I can see a layout of this photo coming up.  Can you guess what theme I may be thinking of?!!  As if I need an excuse to use certain insects on a scrapbook layout!!

Thanks for popping over.  Don't forget to sign in so I know you have been.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Off out to tackle the garden now!!




Victoria said...

Nope, can see no clues of what insect you might possibly want to include on your layout. Oh, wait, butterflies? I had no idea you liked them! You look gorgeous, hun, in your dress, even if you didn't like having the picture taken. The happy couple look beautiful... oh yes, and your card is lovely too (crafty blog, Victoria, talk about card first... note to self for future reference)

Amanda said...

Gorgeous card and photos too. Love that dress and lovely to see a photo of you too. Hugs, Amanda x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

OOOH . . . you look FABULOUS DAHLING! That's a lovely dress.

And the side step card is AWESOME! Bet they loved it.

Insects? Oh, butterflies! I see!

Sarn xxx

Di said...

Wonderful card Sam - and what great photos. I adore your dress, fabulous butterflies - gonna tuck it into yer knickers are you when donning your chikkin wellies ready to 'muck out'? :) Hugs, Di xx

Gay Peplow said...

Hi Sam, Gorgeous stepper card, lovely in the gold:0) I wish I hadn't read Di's comment about your wearing wellies, now I can't get that picture out of my brain LOL Your dress is beautiful and you do look very elegant:0) Looks from the pics as if you all had a good time too :0) Gay xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Love the dress - you look very elegant M'Dear!! And the card is so different to the normal wedding stuff - I really like it!

What sort of plan are you hatching (geddit??) with Di and Sarn then? Sounds like a girl-shed is in the brewing :D

Li'l Pidge said...

You look gorgeous, a stunning dress and a lovely colour (isn't it funny how so many of us do not have photo's of ourselves on our blogs, so well done you!).

Lovely card and blessed with nice weather too.

Mrs A. said...

Lovely card, lovely dress and pleased to see you at last.
I hear the Ducks are all in a flap on the pond since they got wind of the chickin coup. They want a duck pad now with all mod cons!!!! Make sure your wearing your lippy for when the construction crew turn up. Hugs Mrs A.

Bernie said...

Oh What a fabulous card, Sam. So different, it surely stood out from the other ordinary cards they received. I'm sure they loved it.
LOVE your dress. Blue and Butterflies, who could ask for more. It really suits you and you look lovely.

Mrs F said...

Sam, you look amazing, l adore your dress, it's a stunning colour and has my all time favourite's on it.

The weather looked like it was kind to your bride and groom, who also look lovely and very happy.

Enjoyed the carry through of the butterflies onto your card, the gold makes it look very elegant.

Think you best change out of that dress before you clean the chicken poo :)

Happy Monday xxx

lisa said...

A lovely card for a lovely couple, Sam and the sun shone for them, what more could you ask for.
Now let me think, insects, on your dress, no, not sure myself!!!!!!
You look stunning, hun, get into a dress more often. Love that blue on you and those shoes look wicked!!
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Lisax

karen said...

You look beautiful in your gorgeous butterfly dress! You definitely should scrapbook that picture so it will be seen and not tucked away!
xoxo Karen