Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WOYWW 108 - Different Desk This Week!!

Good Evening Crafters

Woo Hoo it's Wednesday!!  What does Wednesday mean to a bunch of Crafters?  It is "offical nosey round other's desks" aka WOYWW via the wonderful Julia Dunnit.  This week though Julia's Buddy Jan is hosting while Julia is sunning herself in a foreign country!!

Not my usual desk this week, but the desk I am sitting here typing this and most postings!  If you look carefully you can see my PiF sitting proudly under the (dirty!!) screen!  (Gosh my screen needs a clean!!)

I am trying to make an order to go to a famous supermarket chain where "every little thing helps" for photographs.  I do have a fab printer to print my photographs but when you can upload them and receive them back for only 5p each (4"x6" when you have 200 prints) then what is the point?  Also, the ink and paper has gone up a fair bit and the last lot of ink I bought was "pants" and not good enough to print photographs with.  That is what I get for not buying the kosha ones!!!

However, trying to find all the photos I want printing has been tricky so I am carrying out a little "housekeeping".  Some piccies are on my laptop, some are on the main computer but they SHOULD all be on the external hard drive.  Also, some old piccies I have scanned have been filed under the month and not subject - so tricky to find.  By the time I went to bed last night, after being in work all day and sorting all evening, I was more than a little "square/rectangle eyed"!. 

Why an external hard drive?  First we were burgled and all my photos on my then laptop went with it and then last year my big computer went "poof" one evening!!!  So I try to make it a priority at the end of the  month to file them on the external hard drive which is kept well away from any computer just in case!  I used to put them on CD but they do deteriorate after time - as I have learnt!  Grrrrrr!  Sometimes I think films were not that bad!!!

Well, enough of my waffling.  Off to look at some other desks now.  No cooking tea tonight as my lovely Man is doing bangers and mash! Gravy on the laptop is not a good idea!! 


Please do not forget to leave me a comment so that I know you have been to see me!!


P.S.  The Jelly Bean tin is empty!!


Jingle said...

YAY for a clean, can you please come take care of mine? LOL!

MaggieC said...

Glad you are keeping your treasures on an external hard drive. I learned the hard way, too, when an old computer collapsed. I thought everything was backed up on cd's, but the disc with all my precious cross stitch patterns on had corrupted and i lost the lot, including the one of a huge wedding sampler I had created for friends. I was devastated. Now everything is backed up on at least 3 different drives, all well away from each other.

minnie_mac said...

Love the hanging on your cupboard door.

Well done for getting all your photos organised.


RosA said...

Your desk looks great! Tidy but creative. Is that cute little bear thingy your Pif? Is he knitted or crocheted? By the way, I think your blog banner is gorgeous!

jude said...

Yes i has simil;ar experience with photos laptops now i also use external harddrive.As they say once bitten twice shy.
Have creative week
hugs judex 88

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

hi there Hettie, thank you for the showing of your goodies on your desk it all looks very interesting . thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz. x

Twiglet said...

Oh flip - I only called in for a snoop and a jelly bean or two!! have a great week. x Jo

NatashaMay said...

I know what you're going through. :) I had the sam scare when my computer died on me. I saved my photos on external drive as well. But I'll need to update it as it's been a while. :) Happy WOYWW!

Angie said...

Really enjoyed the post .... I agree about printing your own loosing out to sending away for prints much cheaper and those I have tried to print have been rubbish. I am having computer problems too and lost so much about 8 years ago when my last died, so I hope it hangs on til i can replace it ...DD has down loaded all my photos etc onto sticks...fingers crossed.

Franka Benjaminsen said...

You're right. All those film stuff wasn't as bad as we thought. I'm using an external hard drive for years and it's great. You don't have all your photo's on your computer, what makes him a little bit faster. But you HAVE to back up regularly.
Good luck and have a crafty week.
Bye, Franka

okienurse said...

It seems like you have had a lot of mishaps with your photos. I am backing up on an external and thinking about buying space on a server somewhere else also. I like the old film way but they fade and get messed up so this is better. thanks for sharing. Vickie #39

Sandie said...

Great post, Sam. I have been trying to organise my photos and Project 365. I'm way, way behind! I wrote about it on my blog recently as part of Shimelle Laines '10 things on the 10th'. This was one of the challenges I set myself. I must sort out my own external hard drive. I would be devistated to lose my photos. Good luck in the sorting and like the tidy workspace.

Lisa-Jane said...

Oooh, thanks for the reminder about photos. I really ought to make myself use up the ones I have but sometimes you need a new bunch to give you a boost don't you. LOVE Wales. We holiday at my outlaws every summer in Pembrokeshire and totally love it even though it is rarely sunny!

Lisa said...

Now, after this long a time, is your desk still clean? mine isn't!! apologies for the delay in commenting blogger has been playing me up for a week or so!