Wednesday, 8 June 2011

WOYWW 105 - Oops! Messy Desk Again!

Good Evening Everyone!

First of all I am one of the Lucky ones who has received her PIF from my new friend Kim in New York and here it is.... 
 I want to show you more of it but it needs a posting of it's own.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I feel truly honoured.  Thanks Kim soooo much.  It cheered up my otherwise "pants" day yesterday! (Very interesting trying to explain what having a "pants" day means!!)

Now for my desk (hang my head in shame .................................nah!!)  I do have a valid excuse for it's messiness as I am in the middle of a messy jobbie.  No!  Not that sort of jobbie!!!  Tuh!
The box you see on my desk is a lovely wooden box to hold t-bags in which I originally bought in Tesco in Prague (my favourite place in case you don't know), after looking for one for ages.  I drink loose leaf tea at home but I do drink herbal teas and like to have a selection so need several boxes on the go.  Hence the need for a box. 
 Well, the lid had become unstuck and I am a little bored with it so wanted to alter it in some way.  So.  I had all the lickle bits which I collected after making my Alterations box with the Fabby Tim Holtz, so wanted to put them to good use.  Hence my WIP! 
 Right.  I am late tonight starting so will have to get my skates on if I  am going to get round any desks tonight. 
 Please leave me a comment to let me know you have read my waffle and don't forget to pop over to Julia's blog to see what the 'eck I am posting pictures of my desk for tonight.




Spyder said...

I've read your waffle! I love your box, I have one that I'm just too scared to alter in case I make a terrible mess of it! I've been watching TM videos to get me in the right mood to play with it. Fabulous crafty space you have only one thing wrong, why is that wine glass empty!?! Happy WOYWW!!

lisa said...

Your pif looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!! It's been so exciting to receive such lovely surprises hasn't it.
Your desk looks very industrious with your box altering which is gorgeous, it'll make your tea taste even better now.
Hugs Lisa #115

MvM-design said...

Love your box !!
happy WOYWW Wednesday!!

Hugs marleen ;-)

Helen said...

i've read your waffle too, love the box!!

Rachael said...

I too enjoyed your waffle and seeing your workspace. Love that little box!