Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Hi there peeps. 

Sorry I am a bit late tonight and have not put anything on my Blog for a few days, but I have (honestly) been out of the country - Rome in fact!!  Hubby and I went for a little romantic weekend in Sunny - yes SUNNY Rome (until this morning that was and the heavens were really and truly open!!).  Here is a piccie to prove it....(the fact that we were in Rome that is, not that it was raining!!)....
This picture is quite literally taken straight off my camera so no tweeking has been done yet.  You can see that the weather is quite lovely.  T-shirt weather when you are in the sunshine but still a little teensy bit chilly when in the shade (or waiting for a bus!).
This is a picture showing something that I haven't seen for a while.  What? I hear you ask.  The large grey bit at the bottom of the picture is a shadow of the little bridge going over the river.  The two large poles are street lights.  The two smaller bumps (one in between the lights and the other to the right of the lights) are actually myself and Hubby.  It has been a while since either of us have seen our shadows! LOL!!!

Anyway, back to the topic of this posting.  WOYWW,  If you do not know what it is about yet, click HERE and you will be whisked to Julia (the Queen of WOYWW)'s site and see lots of likeminded crafters having a legitimate nosey at other peoples' desks as they stand on a Wednesday!!

I am afraid to say that after my desk being soooooooo tidy last week, this week it isn't.  I do have a valid excuse though in that I came home from the Scrapbus crop on Saturday night I had to drop my stuff and pack another bag to go to Rome!!  Honest Gov'ner!!! You can see I have given you proof!
I just have to show you my new love though - no I haven't picked an Italian man up - at the crop on Saturday, I was using some fab little wordie stamps which were ideal for the album I am making which you can see at the bottom of my desk (it is mine and 'Im Indoors' wedding!) and I found out they were bought in Hobbycraft.  So I just had to go over there and see for myself.  Sure enough they had some there.  I had said that I would not go to H until AFTER "THE EVENT" but I just NEEDED these stamps.  This was the first time I managed to come out of H without spending an extortionate amount of money.  £5.37 including mini eggs for my lovely Hubby.  Would you believe me if I told you they were only £2.99?  How cool are they?

Sorry guys, I have not swivelled thesecond picture round.  The set is by Making Memories and they are magnetic stamp sayings "express it".  I can spy an alcohol ink project coming up!  That tin is far too "silver".

Well.  Gotta fly.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs is on Channel 5!!!!   Gotta love that fella *swooning*!!!!!

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Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Hi Sam, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and becoming a follower.
I live in Maesteg, about 30 miles west of Cardiff and I'm also off to see Tim on the Thursday class 10.30-6.30 - What day are you going?

Blueberry Moonlight said...

Ooh you lucky girl, having a sneaky break away at this time of year. I'm so jealous - i loved Rome, would love to go back sometime.

I saw those little MM stamps sets in the sale at HC but wasn't sure whether to get them or not.

KanataNewf said...

Oh my Rome....sigh! Would love to visit there myself!

Happy WOYWW!

Sheena #143

jude said...

Gosh Hettie thats just what the dr ordered for me me thinks.A wee little break.Cant remeber last time we where alone for weekend prob10yrs ago for our honeymoon.Must do it again pile the girls off somewhere...theres good idea.Very creative corner !oh those stamps where a bargain at"H".I too only go at sale time to that shop find very pricey.Well have good journey home
Hugs judex22

Jovita said...

Rome... I'm so envious. Have fun with your new goodies.

okienurse said...

I am so jealous! I will be on Mallorca in October for a conference and I am so looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #30

RosC said...

What a traveller you are. Sounds fun. Enjoyed your desk, thanks.

karen said...

I would say having to "pop over" to Rome is a good excuse to leave your desk as is!
Cool word stamps! And do you mean that price was for the stamps or the Creme Eggs? That sounds like a bargain with a capital B if it was for the stamps!
Thanks for visiting me!
xoxo Karen

Nicky said...

Oh love the sunshine in Rome and those stamps seem to be a real bargain hmm may have to take a trip to H ~ Nicky no.6

Julia Dunnit said...

Perfect, a warm weekend in Rome, scrapbooking, an album (cute picture!) and then a bit of a bargain at Hobbycraft. Life is good!