Monday, 7 February 2011

Is it too early......?

I have a nagging question for you lovely Craftey ladies out there....... is it too early to take the snowflakes down which I still have on my Craft Room windows?  My Hubby keeps telling me "No" but I cannot help thinking that all risk of snow falling should be behind us now.  I think Hubby keeps saying "No" as some sort of safety thing,  i.e. if I take them down it will snow for sure.  At this rate they will still be up there in June!! LOL!!!

I cut the snowflakes out using a few different designs on my Silhouette Craft Cutter using vinyl.  I had planned to peel them carefully off the windows and put them back onto the backing paper for use again next Christmas but they have now been on there since mid-~December so I am anticipating that they will rip when I attempt to take them off!!  I took the photo at night so that you could see the effect better. 

Do you know I was not allowed to put them on the bay window in our living room?  I will be clever next Christmas.  I will cut them all out when Hubby is out and adhere them when he is not looking!!  Haa Haa - I WILL get my way!!!  I did get away with putting a Nativity scene on the window when I took if off a candle so I now know they come off fairly easily!! 

These are some the candles I gave as presents last Christmas.  The Nativity scenes were cut using black vinyl on my Silhouette and I bought about 20 candles from the big Scandinavian shop beginning with "I" (not allowed to mention the name or else Hubby comes out with hives!!!) and then I spent a happy evening or two adhereing the vinyl cutouts to candles and wrapping them individually with cellophane and ribboning and tagging.  Handmade tags - of course!!  I think those who received them liked them.  Note to self - think of something to make this year - got to think ahead!!

Well, must dash.  Bed time calling!!  Please let me know what you think about taking the Snowflakes down.  TTFN.

Happy Crafting in whatever form lights your candle (no pun intended - honest!!)

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