Monday, 28 February 2011

Hettie's House - Paperartsy Workshop

Evening there Friends.

Tonight is another Tahdahhhhh moment!  I thought I would show you the other piece of Art which I made on Friday.  What a busy bunch of people we all were!!  This is what I have named "Hettie's House" (as opposed to Hector's House for those of you who remember it - not me OBVIOUSLY!!!).

What amazed me with this project was that on our table we all had the same colours of colour washes, the same papers and white paint, yet every one of our Houses were different.  Some came out more orange, some more blue and others green.  It was very intense but FAB at the same time.

I do soooo love this stamp from a set that I very nearly bought it in the shop (brilliant shopping opportunity on Thursday afternoon - alot of baskets were being filled up!).  However, the set which I did buy had two other lovely texts which I liked as well as a FAB flower stamp (which incidentally I HAD to go and buy the die for the flower - not my fault Gov'nor!!!).    

Here you can see a little more of the orange paint.  I also like the way you can see a little more of the metal showing through which I love.

More green and blue on this side.  Love it.

And here are the two lovely ladies Leandra and Lin who are responsible for this fab event!  Oh!  and look who is having his photo taken with these ladies!!! Fergus!!!!  He seems to like having his picture taken with the FAB and FAMOUS!!!! LOL!!

Hats off to these two ladies and the wonderful team who organised this event.  They did a FAB job (sorry I can't stop saying "Fab" but it really was!).  It ran beautifully with great workshops, wonderful teachers, great shop, good venue, and I don't know if they were like swans (paddling like fury under the surface!) but on the surface it seemed to run pretty smoothly.  I also met some lovely crafting ladies and Sid!!!  I will never look at a Fish Finger in quite the same light again!!! LOL!!!!

My first Paperartsy event but certainly not my last.  My only wish was that I did not have a 3 1/2 hour drive!!

If any of you reading this have not been to a Paperartsy event, I highly recommend it if this event was anything to go by.

Til next time ladies!!




karen said...

I think I want to be Angus! He gets to do all sorts of fabulous fun stuff!
xoxo Karen

humel said...

Hello! Belatedly coming over to read all about it :-) I love your project, the colours are fab - I prefer them to the ones I had, but I still love my project so that's OK! Such a shame we didn't manage to meet, but the time just sped by somehow. Next time maybe?

Now to check out your 'Tim' post!