Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I Wanna Share a Story...

Hello There.

I want to share a little funny story which is true and happened yesterday.

It was a beautiful sunny day here at Hettie Towers and so I decided to strip the Girls' coop out, scrub it clean, spray it down, leave it to air and then refill with nice fresh fluffy bedding.  Whilst I was doing the housework I let my Girls out to play as luckily they do not wander too far out of sight from me and Mr Hettie.

Now picture the scene if you will...There I was having stripped the coop completely, no floor, no perches and no bunks.  I had sprayed the inside of the bunk and all the removable bits and what do you suppose happened next?

All of the Girls are happily munching through the grass that Mr Hettie had just strimmed, eating snails and generally having a good time, as chickens do...except one.  Always has to be one!  Mrs A in fact!!!

Mrs A suddenly comes into the run and starts making a racket, crouching down and squawking in a way I have not heard before in a fashion that I can only describe as when ladies are needing a wee badly.  She even had crossed eyes!  You guessed it...she wanted to lay her egg. 

Now as I have mentioned, I had stripped the coop, sprayed the coop, scrubbed the coop and rinsed down the coop allowing it to dry and she basically let me know she wasn't happy.  So I reassembled one end of the coop (minus bedding) and shut the lid that end in order that she could do the biz. As she went inside she gave me what can only be described as "a look"!  I left her for a wee while to let her be alone.  She came out some time later feeling much relieved.  

Well, I put a comment on the real Mrs A's blog to this effect and a short while later I received an email with two photos attached.  When I opened the email I roared with laughter and just had to share them with you.  So enjoy!

 Hope you find this funny!



Helen said...

oh poor Mrs A - that's a real hoot! or cluck, I should say probably!

Jenny L said...

Hi Sam,
well I can't stop laughing.
I did wonder why you had a pic of a chicken.
Poor Mrs A I do bet she feels a lot better now.
It reminds me of when we broke down on the M25 once.
By the time our car was fixed I felt the same till we got to the next services.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Annie said...

I have tears running down my face now Sam....not sure whether it was just cos it was sooooo funny or whether I imagined that chicken laying an egg that size!!!
Annie x
Ps it's soooo lovely to back in the world of internet :-)

SARN said...

Hi Sam

Oh that is HILARIOUS. You can rely on Mrs A to play you up can't you! LOL! Hilarious.

My 2 used to play me up like that! They would also "inspect" the coop before I'd put it all back together and JUMP/FLY across thin air from the entrance to reach the egg laying section - just to prove they COULD!

You gotta love 'em! Funny little things . . . always make you smile. I have such fond memories.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Bonnie said...

Perfect illustrations for this fun story!

Carol L said...

OH EM GEE - this is hysterical, and those pictures blew me away! TOo funny!!! LOL

Kathleen said...

Only Mrs A could think of something so brilliant.

Kath x

Well maybe you too if roles were reversed.

Debs Willis said...

That is hilarious! The crossed legs and that relieved sit down after the giant egg! Love it!
Debs xx

fairy thoughts said...

ROFL brilliant and worthy of a Friday funny story I think
janet ... popping in fromWOYWW

Karen Petitt said...

Oh my she is a real tonic lol! I wondered why I saw one of her comments saying that she was in a bit of discomfort lol. I love hearing about your chickens - such funny happy creatures Karen x

Darnell J Knauss said...

You are such a great writer, Sam! But that Mrs. A, the real one, she is the fastest person on two feet coming up with these funnies!! TFS!! Hugs, Darnell