Monday, 15 September 2014

Been sewing again!

Hello there

Thank you all for your kind comments to my post yesterday. I was working on trying to put a few deterrents around the coop and run so hopefully the B..... will get the message and leave my Girls alone.  I can report that all the Girls came out to see me this morning, but they don't stay out if either myself or Hubby are not around.

Now to share something which I hadn't realised until the other day I hadn't posted.  I thought I better do so soon or else it will be totally out of season!

I sometimes find myself spending too long on Pinterest but sometimes I do get to do something I found there.  Like this top...

I found the pattern HERE and downloaded it and printed it out.  It was kinda like a jigsaw having to join all the dots to make the pattern.  Then I remembered this seersucker fabric I bought a looooong time ago to back a quilt, but when I ordered it I didn't realise it was "knobbly" so it wasn't going to work.  So I dug it out and made it up into a top.  I even made my own bias binding....again using a howto on Pinterest HERE!

Here is a little more of the photo with my patio in view.  That seat is a double seater and Hubby an I like to sit on there whilst we let my Girls out to roam the patio.  As a result I cannot put weedkiller on the patio as the Girls like to pick at the greenery.  Any excuse ey?

Well, as both the fabric, pattern and bias binding are all NBUS I am joining in with my mate Darnell in her NBUS Challenge.

Thanks for popping over.




Di said...

Oh you clever little sausage Sam! Ages since I did any dressmaking.

Hope you're feeling a bit better today - my suggestion? A bally big bazooka pointing up into the sky!

Hugs, Di xx

ElizabethR said...

That's lovely and what a fabulous "In House" model ;) so glad your girls are ok, you would blow a gasket if you saw what next door have set up for their chicks! Elizabeth xxx

SARN said...

Can't sew for toffees so am ALWAYS in awe of those who can. You're a superstar.

Whilst I appreciate the Buzzards have to eat, I hope chicken is OFF the menu for the foreseeable future. Sincerely hoping that your deterrents work Honey.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Belinda Basson said...

I will have to go read yesterdays post to see what happened as I was out all day on the farm...did no surfing yesterday...Love your top and think the fabric is great for it.

Darnell J Knauss said...

You are just as cute as button in your sweet seersucker top, Sam!! (I LOVE seersucker!) You are so multi-talented and so constantly busy, I can't stand it. I'm actually glad to know you aren't out there pulling up each weed with an old battered fork! lol! Thank you for showing up in my NBUS Challenge as living proof that unused "schtuff" can be ANYTHING! Mwah! Darnell

Jenny L said...

Hi Sam,
what a fab top.
I do love that type of material it's so fresh and summery looking.
You have made a grand job of that top.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Kathleen said...

Get you! Great top and are you getting younger in each photo, spill the beans!


Kath x

Jean Straw said...

A lovely top you've made, seersucker is a fab fabric for summer. i love the look of your patio weeds and all.
I am sad about your Hilda, she looks so beautiful in the photo.
Jean x

scrappymo! said...

You have made such a pretty talented girl!

Lovely to see that glimpse of your garden the bench looks great and I love the look of your patio. The cement urn is gorgeous!

Debs Willis said...

Love the seersucker, great idea to make into a too an works perfick!
Glad the girls are braving it, hope Big Bird has moved on
Debs xx

Diane said...

Fabulous top Hettie and love the outdoor picture.

Hugs Diane

lisa said...

Ohhh look at you, love it Sam and love the photo too. You are very clever.
So sorry to hear about your poor girly. My friend keeps chickens and she is forever losing one to the fox. You have to be very brave I think. I'd get far too attached!!!
Your patio is looking a picture btw.
Hugs Lisax

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Sam just read below about your poor Hilda .. so very sad .. am praying the buzzard will move along to where he cant hurt any dear defenseless hens.. commiserations dear friend.. but love your top great work!! Shaz in oz.x

Twiglet said...

Lovely top Hettie! Super garden too. x Jo

JD/ Jill said...

Lovely top! My hubby used to think that I was glued to my sewing machine...I spent so much time sewing...just don't ask me now when I last sewed. Great job with your sewing and thanks for showing your lovely patio!

Karen Petitt said...

Fabulous sewing project and I love the photo's of your patio too. Nature is more natural and good for the birds and you. So sorry about Hilda - they have such wonderful personalities. Just trying to catch up with all of the stuff I have missed Karen x