Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW 260 - Happy 5th Anniversary!!!


Happy Happy 5th Anniversary to all my WOYWWing friends and of course the host Julia, who had the idea of creating WOYWW.  I have a lot to thank Julia for... my blog - I only started it having visited Julia a few times as a non-blogger, lots of new blogging friends and some friends for life.  Thank you Julia!  Also thank you for the third Crop last weekend.  I had a ball!

Here I am enjoying some fun and in my "fun zone" on Saturday...

The day went so fast, before I knew it, we were packing up.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have rediscovered my love of poetry.  So especially for you Julia...

Our Day at the WOYWW Crop

Lots of excitement, squeals of delight,
"How do you dos" and "Give us a Hug",
"What are you up to" and "Ooo look at that",
A wonderful buzz here at Julia's Crop

Bags are unpacked, another arrives,
Jan's making tea and there's cake going round,
Name stickers on, desks getting fuller,
We're full of intentions but we must have fun.

Hardly time to settle down and 
Lunch is being announced,
After all the cake I have had today
 I shouldn't eat an ounce.

There's salad, quiche, meat and bread, 
All served with smiles and love,
The hall soon goes into deathly hush
Whilst we concentrate on grub.

The plates are cleared, we are all full, 
We all go back to our desks,
Lots more chatter, the Big Shot's busy,
"Anyone for tea?" "Oo err. Yes!"

More "Oos" and "Ahs" and "Oh that's clever", 
"Have you done that today?"
Wandering round desks, having a natter,
"Wanna swap an ATC?"

Silence now, Julia's talking, 
Tickets out girls, time for the raffle,
"It's me", "Its mine", "Oh drat very close!"
There's a free table too, don't leave nowt for the host.

Before too long some folks have to leave us,
More hugs now as they are packing and parting,
An exchange of emails and addresses,
"Keep in touch", best of Budds forever.

A flurry of packing, clearing and stacking, 
Jan tells us all the clock is ticking.
The keys need to be back by 5 o'clock,
Au Revoir, TTFN, see ya next Wednesday!

Enough of that...back to my desks, more of a case of Who's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...

Here is Fergus supervising my finishing off of my quilt.  Would you believe that I started this is around 2000?

And here is Monkey, wearing my WOYWW badge - now you know why I wasn't wearing it on Saturday Julia, and his new Buddy, made by Mary.  Thank you.  Blimey my desk needs a good tidy up!

Right then go HERE to see the Host and links to the other desks.




Shana M said...


Cardarian said...

Hi Hettie!

I seem to be your ATC partner! If you haven't taken an ATC of mine at the crop, let me know and I will send you one!
Happy WOYWW anniversary!
Lots of hugs,

Cardarian said...
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Kim said...

Happy 5th! To think, you where my first PIF 4 years ago!!

I Love your poem!!! And a great photo of you in action! And its a good thing Fergus is on the job to get it done! LOL! Have a great rest of the week!

CraftygasheadZo said...

It was fabulous to see you and I love your poem. Certainly sums up the day. Enjoy your day and take care. Zo xx 80

SARN said...

Happy WOYWW my friend. Glad everyone had a good time at the Crop.

Great poem for the day.


Annie said...

Love the poem will see in my card that I love little ditties too :-)
What a lot we have to thank Julia for eh?
Happy's to many more.
Annie x

ElizabethR said...

Fab poem and I love that photo of you it's a great one. Hugs Elizabeth xxx

Sue said...

Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary

Fab poem.

I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

Twiglet said...

Fab poem Sam - I bet you all had a lovely day. Happy 5th WOYWWaversary. x Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hettie -- it sounds like you had a blast at the crop! Congratulations on finishing up your quilt. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #103

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It was a fun weekend - so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you once again for my gorgeous journal, I really love it!!
Hope it's not too long before we meet up again :-)
Happy 5th WOYWW,
Hugs, LLJ 1 xx

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Sam, definitely an amazing poem- sums up our day perfectly. Where did the time go? Wish it went so fast when I'm at work, lol. Looking forward to the next one, Happy 5th, Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #72 xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

What a beautiful post, Sam! Your sweet and adorable face and your sweet and adorable pets and that extraordinary quilt that took my breath away ... excellent!!

Yes, my friend, we are swapping and I have an ATC heading your way, too! Thanks for coming to visit me already! Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary!

Oh, crumb noodles, I nearly forget to mention your poetry! Fabulicious!! I think you should write the verse for all our WOYWW crops and swaps!! Hugs, Darnell

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

From what I've seen of the photos (minus all the noise, paper rustling, and laughter) this poem pretty much sizes up the day. I'm so glad you showed it from "YOUR" perspective, in words, not photos.

And to think I've seen you at the crop (in photos, of course) before and it took me till this week to put it all together. Sometimes my blond moments truly DO shine through! Happy, joyous, enthusiastic 5th Anniversary from #22.

Caro said...

I love your poem! My two monkeys are waving Hi to yours. Thanks for sharing and joining in the anniversary fun! Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary. Caro x (#43)

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wishing a you a very Happy 5th Anniversary Hettie! It was lovely to see you on Saturday and yes, it went by far too quickly.

Fiona #18

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Sam
happy 5th anniversary..... your poem is awesome it sums up the whole ethos of WOYWW we even drink tea together on Wednesdays.... even if it is virtually
happy hopping
janet #13

Helen said...

Great poem, Sam!! Lovely to see you and Fergus again on Saturday. Happy WOYWW Helen 7

Kathleen said...

Great post.

Kath x

Di said...

Fab day honey! And I started on my lovely new mini journal today as well - thank you so much once again :)

Hugs, Di xx

Kathyk said...

Looks like a fab WOYWW get together and your desk? Really doesn't look that bad .... not to me anyway!


StampinCarol said...

Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary! Your poem is so cool! I've been enjoying the posts with the pics of the crop. How fun to see gals crafting together!
Carol N #78

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Yes! This sums up the day so perfectly - the photos just couldn't capture that buzz in the room!!
So lovely to meet you - I will be back, signing up as a follower so I don't miss anything!! Chrisx 61

voodoo vixen said...

Aaah Hettie, looks like you had a fabulous time at the crop, I am so going to try and be at the next one!! Your quilt looks fabulous... but 2000? LOL Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary to you, hugs from Annette #3

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah saw those figures on Marys desk last week Hettie so glad you all had grand poetic time :D well done!! lovely work there since 200 have piece of crotchet a supper cloth started in 1988.. two squares to go for about three years now dont ask me why it is stuck there??
love Shaz in oz.x #18

Kathyk said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning wishing me happy 5th WOYWW anniversary. Why wasn't I at the crop? Well, having only just returned from vacation (and with a cold at that) we were out to an early dinner so I didn't want to chat and run - but I may just clear my diary for the 6th anniversary crop!


Chrysalis said...

Glad you had such a fun time on Saturday. It will be a great feeling to finish the quilt. I'm always so pleased to complete long term projects - do show, won't you? Have a lovely week, Chris # 15 xx

Mary said...

I've been going from blog to blog, looking at photos and living your crop through photos. I love your poem and I realize there is no difference between your group and mine. Such fun we crafters have. Hugs from my group to yours. I wish I could get my girls to share on line.... They hate computers....silly girls!

butterfly said...

Looks like you had a lovely time at the crop - and I love your poetical celebration! And I do believe you've been nearly 15 years at that quilt... some of the dollshouses have been waiting more than 30 for their transformations to be completed!
Alison xx

Lynn said...

You are one super-talented lady! Adore your quilt, and the poem had me galloping along! I felt exhausted when I had finished reading, lol. Lynn x

Angela Radford said...

Bit late posting this week, hope you are having a great WOYWW anniversary week.
Love the poem.
Happy crafting, Angela x 40

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi again Sam, help yourself to the pics, if you e-mail me,(link in my side bar) I'll put all the ones we took into a folder and send it to you. Hugs, Shaz xx

Karen Petitt said...

Now then I understand that! Hope you all had a wonderful time and I love your poem! Have a lovely weekend Karen xx

Minxy said...

Was lovely to meet you briefly at the crop, sorry I didn't get to chat with you more.
Happy Belated 5th WoYwW Anniversary xo I'm still trying to catch up!
Hugs Minxy #4

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Hettie,

Another great post with photos of the crop! I'm impressed that you are finishing your quilt from 2000! Way to go. This gives me inspiration to finish some WIP on my knitting!

Happy belated WOYWW. I can't believe it's Sunday already and we're about to do this all over again!

Peace, Kay (89)

Gay Peplow said...

Magic, you clever girl, I love your poem!! Glad you had a wonderful time too :D x

Kyla said...

Fabulous poem, it was great to catch up. Well done for your millennium quilt too!

ike said...

WoW - your desk looks live a hive of industry. :-) Fabulous looking quilt. Hugs to Fergus :-)
Sorry I am so late visiting... I had a spot of bother :-(
Happy WOYWW #206

IKE in Greece xxx #66