Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hello There Peeps

Happy Hump Day.  Happy Easter to you in advance of Sunday.  And of course....  Happy WOYWW Day!

For those of you who still don't know what this means it is where we crafters take a picture of our desk, post it on our blog and then link up to the lovely Desk Jockey Julia and then take part in the biggest Blog Hop in the world....probably!

So here is my desk.....

I know.... you are impressed!  It is tidy!!   You see I have been taking part (and still am) in the Creative Chemistry 101 and have been very good and cleaned and tidied after I have finished so as not to contaminate the next piece!   Don't worry it won't last. 
Look what arrived last week.  My WOYWW badge from the lovely Julia - thank you!  Fergus wanted to each try it on so Fergus went first (have you ever seen a Highland Cow cry?  Not pretty!).  And then Monkey had it on.
Of course, he gets to keep it on as he sits on my desk!!
Just in case you are concerned, no stuffed animal was hurt in the obtaining of these photos and they wore the badge entirely voluntarily!

So, you know what to do now don't you?  Leave a comment, with your desk number if possible and then hope over to Julia's desk and join in the fun!!  I will be round to see your desk later once work and dancing are over.  Apologies if I take a day or two, but I will pop over!




Jo Capper-Sandon said...

What brave animals you have!! lol

That workdesk is waaaaaay too tidy. You only have about three or four layers high lol. Heehee, you have some very interesting stuff there on the surface. And look at you with all your blending tools on the spinner! I have a empty one lol the tools are errrrm...scattered somewhat. Needless to say thats why I never take part in WOYWW as it would just look like a burglary gone wrong each week.
Jo x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've got these visions of all these lady crafters in lab coats, steaming sightly and yelling madly 'I've got it, MWAHAHAHAHA. Creative chemistry holds no fear - my LIVES!!'
Oh, sorry, got carried away there :)
Hugs, LLJ *7....I'll say that again... 7!!!!

Helen said...

Hmmm so tidy... what is this "cleaning in between tags" of which you speak? Have a great day! Helen 18

Di said...

Hi Sam! I actually cleaned up before starting on the wedding stationery here too - don't want grubby little marks on any of it.

Have a great day - happy WOYWW. See, I got in at number 12 this week - comes of sitting working until about 12:30.

Di xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Good lord - full working craft glass mat size space? Tim Holtz is definitely having an effect on people!! You must be really enjoying the course if you don't want to achieve that arty 'cross contamination'! Am a bit worried that Fergus might have thought he was getting an injection...perhaps if he wants his own badge we could accommodate that next month!

Annie said...

So many clean desks this week...what is the world coming to? :-)
A x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Excellent desk this week hon. Glad Monkey and Fergus shared nicely.

Happy WOYWW and Happy Hump Day xxx

Red Kitty said...

Fantastic desk.
Have a crafty week. x

Erika said...

I've still to play with Tim's class yet. Great desk loving your heelian coo and monkey. Thanks for sharing, happy Easter,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ha ha these monkeys are sooo greedy, Sam, my monkey has it too but he is the bit bigger monkey the one like yours is still out int he car - he will have to come in one days as his suction caps are losing elasticity and so sticky no more!! love Shaz in oz.x #63

May said...

I have a confession I have bought the Sir Timmie class and not watched yet trying to sort out other bits in life so I can go for it, But I'm a little worried after the class am I going to be a tidy crafter????? (lol) Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x No11

Polly Polkadot said...

That makes two of us that are tidy this week - but you know mine won't last. I didn't remember until we were out of town, but we passed by yesterday, bought a cup of coffee in Tretower, to support the local industry.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Glad you're enjoying TH class, seems most are! Love your enthusiasm that you clean up in between! Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

Doone said...

I used to work with a Lady who called wednesday Hump day,

only here abouts locally 'Hump' is slang for 'bump and grind' as in 'nod nod wink wink how;s your father' 'hanky panky',

she stopped calling it hump day

ha ha

Monkey looks great on the desk wearing your badge...

Dx @80

Laura said...

Don't think I could craft with big ol' clock in front of me... I like to forget the time when I craft!
Laura ~102

Hels Sheridan said...

hahahaaaa Fergus and Monkey... cute! haven't started my 101 classes yet... eeek, I better get a move on lol Happy Easter hun x

lisa said...

You're a scream, Sam. They model very well. They'll be demanding wages soon!!!!
Hugs Lisax

fairy thoughts said...

My handyman calls Wednesday pivot, if he saw it called hump day he would get the wrong idea like Doone LOL
janet #56

Miriam said...

Fabulously tidy desk!!

Love the badge!


Kim said...

Wow, it is freakishly clean! I'm too strapped for time while trying to finish the Tim stuff is shrewn everywhere! LOL!

Judy said...

Yeah!!The animals/ toys want first go don't they!!Hey no "humping" on Wednesdays!!hehe.
Judy #24

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I don't get why anyone tidies between one Tim project and the next, aren't they all about grunge?! It seems like what is good enough for tag 1 should be okay to slop over on tag 2. I am impressed though! I just realized I forgot that I was going to take a photo of my WOYWW badge too and forgot. I didn't have anyone to model it for me like you did.

505whimsygirl said...

What a great tidy desk! I must admit, I've not even taken a peek at Tim's website (I'm supposing he has one and that's where you are taking the class?). I do have some of his stamp sets though and have actually used them to make some ATCs.

I'm not participating this week but wanted to stop by and see what you've been up to.


RosC said...

Great desk, Hettie. I've had a good look around.
Must say that the monkey getting the badge is enough to make any respectable highland cow weep buckets.
So many peeps are enjoying the TH class, I wonder whether it's too late to sign up. Guess not.
Ros #105

Karen said...

What a tidy desk Sam? I love the badge photos and a fab post :)

I am sorry I am a bit late this week!! Have a fab WOYWW and a really lovely Easter, Luv Karen xx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

*edit that first comment to say*...ok now I'm totally hooked already on WOYWW lol

Jules said...

Hi Sam

Lots happening on your desk .. .. plenty of scrummy things to play with.

Pleased you had a bit of company. Hope they behave themselves!

Love Jules xx

SophieNewton said...'s that!! Seriously, nice workspace and loving the Highland Moo x
Sophie no.71

clairesmillie said...

That card peeking in the right hand corner of the pictures looking good :)Very jealous of your badge!!!!

Claire #85

Purple Princess said...

Oh, Too funny!! Love the dialog over the badge. Oh, my work area is tidy, too... but the area around it is a disaster!! Lovin' the Creative Chemistry.. I'm finally on week 2.. WooHoo!

okienurse said...

great looking desk. I still haven't finished all my tags from CC101 but plan on doing so this weekend. Hope you have a Happy Easter. Vickie #60

MaggieC said...

I am so impressed with the size of your clean space. I created even more mess on my desk yesterday, by adding Dufex to the mix, on top of my Promarkers and colouring in. And I won't even mention the floor........ Hope you have a good time with all those lessons and projects. Have a good Easter. xx Maggie #9

Spyder said...

I did call in, coz I remember typing 'I hope the pin on the badge didn't prick Monkey...but then I might've deleted it after reading (I do things backwards!) that no stuffed animals were hurt..then??? I most likely went off and made a cuppa. Lovely clear space! and plenty of room for that Monkey to play!
Happy VERY late last weeks woyww
one day I will catch up!