Thursday 26 April 2012

Happy Rudolph Day - Tag This!!

Hello Peeps

My lovely friend Sandra is now on the fourth Rudolph Day of the year and I am loving the fact that she is prompting me to get some Christmas cards ready nice and early this year.  

This month I decided, like Sandra, that I would get some tags made as they often end up being rushed at the last minute.  Well, I sat down on the weekend and started stamping up my stamp, and stamped, and stamped and before I knew it I had 30 odd stampings done.  And what was great was that all the stampings were done on cardstock from my Snippets box.  I then set about colouring them in, much to the bemusement of my Boss when he came in my office during my lunchbreaks in the early part of the week!

Once I had coloured them in I set about raiding my Snippets box again and set about die cutting tags to adhere the stampings on.  Again, I took these in to work to complete!!  Well, who wants to walk around the town centre in the pouring rain?  There are no craft shops nearby anyway!

How colour co-ordinated are these snowmen!! 

Hubby then helped me raid my ribbon tin in which I keep all the odd bits so I could attach ribbons and hey presto, mission accomplished.

Right then. Why don't you dig out your Christmas stamps and papers and make yourselves a card or two or even (35) tags so they can be ready and waiting for you to breeze through the pre-Christmas season smug in the knowledge that you have cards and tags all ready to use (provided you can remember where you have put them of course!).  Upload them to your blog and link them with Sandra and who knows, you may even win the set of stamps on offer this month.

Merry Rudolph Day and apologies to Sandra for not linking this up yesterday.  I have had a bit of a hectic week this week, a dancing social until (very) late on Tuesday night, and then dancing last night. My poor little feet are glad of the rest tonight.  

Please feel free to leave me a comment so I know you have been.



Ingredients: Stamp - Penny Black; Copics, cardstock, ribbon.  


Di said...

Really brilliant Sam and a super way to use up those snippets as well as join in the Rudolph Day fun :) Great stamp you used there too. Di xx

Di said...

Di again Sam - your snippets links don't take you to the playground :( That g-kart is deffo. banned :)) Di xx

Sarn said...

No need to apologise for being "late" . . . cuz your NOT! The challenge is all week long!

35 tags . . . way to go SAM! That is dedication, but you'll be so glad you took the time to make them nearer Christmas when it all goes mad!

I often bring craft things in to play with during lunch breaks! You're not alone! Isn't it funny how people see you colouring in and want a go themselves???? xxx

karen said...

Fabulous tags Sam! I know I am going to really wish I had done this come next December! I just keep making other things and am too lazy to get out the box of xmas stash, lol.
xoxo Karen

karen said...

Forgot to say that it is amazing that you made all these with all snippets! Right down to the ribbon! Well done you!
xoxo Karen

Suzilou said...

These tags are just fantastic! And love the fact they are made from bits and pieces :)

Bernie said...

Great stamp Sam! These tags are fantastic! To save my sanity I take little crafty things with me to Jim's doctor visits.

Karen said...

Gorgeous tags Sam, I love the stamp, the snowman is just so cute :)

Hugs, Karen xx