Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chick Chick Chick Chicken!! Sunday Roast!

Hello Peeps

What a beautiful sunny day we are experiencing in South Wales, though a little cooler than it has been (wish I had not put my shorts on now!). 

I know I do not often do a posting on a Sunday (unless I am catching up with Grungy Monday) but I was ironing this morning and it suddenly occured to me that it is a year ago today that I first saw my friend's chickens, some of which were going to become our chickens.  They were between 7 - 10 days old.  I text this piece of trivia to my friend Sandra, who suggested that I posted some up to date photos on my blog so that we would both have a Sunday Roast feature this week!!  So here first are some pictures from a year ago....

(This yellow one at the front is actually Ziva - she was the only one with a spot and turned out to be totally white but still with her spot!)

And here are some taken both this morning and about a fortnight ago.....

(Tony in fine voice - though not always welcome at 3am!)

(Jessie and Tracey always together and up to mischief and not happy unless they have their head in the corn bucket!)

(Betty, Myfanwy and Tony)

(Jessie and Tracey up to no good I suspect!)

(Here is Ziva to the right of the photo!) 

The brown chickens are ex-batt so I will never know how old they are so they have all had an extra helping of corn and some chopped apples this morning by way of a birthday treat! 

If you are thinking of having chickens I would definatly say "Go for it".  They are very friendly (well not so much Tony!) and to be honest, I would recommend you go for the ex-battery variety.  They are the friendlier of the two lots and always chatter when you go out to see them! 

Well, off to do some chores now...or maybe I will do some more of the Creative Chemistry tags!  Tough choice don't you think!!


Hettie and her chooks!!  Bwarrk Bwarrk!!


Di said...

Aw, fabby photos Sam! I'd love to have chooks but would need to move :( One day perhaps! Ha, ha - my ex-H was called Tony - and he had an attitude problem and liked to run after the birds :))


Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Oh Di . . . your comments are priceless!

Great pics of your chooks xxx

M said...

My Mum keeps ex-batt chickens, she picked up a few more just this morning - sooo scrawny! She'll have them fattened up in no time! Great pics. The chicks are soo cute.

M x

Jules said...

Tee hee!!! Thought I was on Sandra's blog for a minute there LOL!!!

It must be so lovely to have all of those fresh eggs!

All your chooks look well happy that's for sure. Had to laugh at Di's comment.

Love Jules xx

Karen said...

Great post Sam! My how they have changed in a year and they look far too cute to roast LOL!!!