Friday, 24 April 2015

Friday Funny

Trip to Italy.......

A young blonde woman from Sydney was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the ocean.

But just before she could throw herself from the rocks, a handsome young man stopped her.

"You have so much to live for," said the man. "I'm a sailor, and we are off to Italy tomorrow. I can stow you away on my ship. I'll take care of you, bring you food every day, and keep you happy."

With nothing to lose, combined with the fact that she had always wanted to go to Italy, the woman accepted. That night the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a small but comfortable compartment in the hold. From then on, every night he would bring her three sandwiches, a bottle of red wine, and make love to her until dawn. Three weeks later she was discovered by the captain during a routine inspection.

"What are you doing here?" asked the captain.

"I have an arrangement with one of the sailors," she replied. "He brings me food and I get a free trip to Italy ."

"I see," the captain says.

Her conscience got the best of her and she added, "Plus, he's screwing me." 

"He certainly is," replied the Captain. “This is the cross Channel Ferry"

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Annie said...

Think we have probably all been screwed by the prices they charge on the cross channel ferry ;-)
Thanks for making me chuckle Sam.
Annie x

Annie said...

Check out the video I've just shared on's sure to make you giggle :-)
Annie x

TwinkleToes2day said...

LMAO - that's a good one Sam :D :D

Brenda said...

LOL A good one Sam!! Hugs, Brenda

Kathleen said...

Mmm, ok, `I wondered if there would be a Friday funny this week but have to say this is not as funny as when my eldest Daughter went on a P&O cruise, where my SIL, to my youngest Daughter, was an officer and Jude had gone on the cruise with them and woke up in the middle of the night and needed the loo, but she opened the cabin door, which shut behind her and she found herself stark naked in the corridor , managed to find a utility room and grab a towel to put round herself, and make her way up to the bridge without anyone seeing her, she was very popular with the crew after that.

Annie said...

Have you forgotten to link this week? Hope all is well.
Annie x

Debs Willis said...

Very funny! And I liked all the confessionals from previous week!
Hugs xxx

Laura said...

Hahahahahaha! Brilliant way to start my day! x