Monday, 17 November 2014

Playing with NBUS Stencils...

Hello there!

I trust you all had a good weekend?  I had my first Quilting Group meeting as the new Chairperson!!  I think it went alright.  Believe it or not I do not like speaking to groups so it is quite nerve racking for me!

Yesterday I spent the day away from the puter and playing with some Christmas baskets that I made, I will share those later on (I forgot to take a photo this morning and as it will be dark when I get home I will have to take them tomorrow - doh!).

So here are some cards that I made earlier...

I do love this purple on these cards.  I do wish I could remember where I got them from.  They are 4x4" and there weren't envelopes so I tend to make my own.  As you can see I have the knitwear stencil from Tim Holtz, another acquisition from my rent trip over the pond.  

The top card was actually quite tricky because the card is pearlised and the paste is Sweet Poppy pearlised paste, they slid a little,  I recently bought some Ranger paste to try that as the SP does slip under on the plastic stencils.  Does anyone else have trouble with this?

As for the rest, the tiny tags are cut using TH die and Snippets  the ribbons were from my stash and the snowflakes were cut using Spellbinders die and Snippets from my Christmas basket.  The Stickers are also TH, as is the Believe stamp.  The word Believe is my favourite word.  It gives us all hope!

Right, as I have rambled on enough now I shall potter down to the Snippets Playground and see if anyone is bunking off school to play hopscotch!  I really would like to win the die that Miss is proffering around this week!  



SARN said...

Two lovely Christmas jumper cards here Sam! xxx

Mrs A. said...

Can you knit me a pink and white one please. Ta ever so.
Hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Wonderful Sam! These look so Nordic :)

About the embossing paste, I had problems using Poppystamps paste as well - even using metal stencils. Our Kate in Spain recommended Imagination Crafts medium. I bought three pots of Sparkle Medium but haven't used them as yet. However, I do have confidence as Kate really knows her onions. Also, your card should be matt , which I suspect it is?

However, these really are divine - and can you knit me a pink one too please :) Joke!!



Di said...

Came back for another peek Sam! Spotted that you'd used pearlised card so that would deffo be part of your problem - I found out the hard way as well!! But I still don't rate that Poppy Stamps embossing paste :( Am sure Ranger will be the 'biz'.

AND, if both cards have snippets used, feel free to link the other one into the Playground to increase chances of winning that die! The way to trick Mr Linky is to use a slightly different name such as Hettie 2 - he will accept the same URL linking to this post, but the name you use must be just slightly different. Shaz in Oz does that a lot and I don't mind in the least!

Hugs again

Di xx

Jean said...

Lovely cards, the knitwear stencil looks great.I like the tiny tags as well.
Jean x

Karen Petitt said...

These are gorgeous!
I've had leakage issues with my brass stencils and my plastic stencils with Dreamweaver EP but not when using Sparkle Medium or Maimerri mediums so I reckon it could be the other paste especially as Di says she's had problems too!
Love the effect it looks really dimensional and like a sweater love it and that stencil is going on to my Xmas wish list Karen x

Kathleen said...

Two great card, love the stencils and the colours, never used paste so I am no help there.

Kath x

Belinda Basson said...

My stencil like this is sitting somewhere in the postal service from September already...we had a strike and they are up to the ceiling with incoming mail! I have 2 other things sitting there somewhere sad.

Jenny L said...

Hi Sam,
beautiful cards.
I love those super designs, they look just like a lovely jumper.
Very clever crafting me thinks.
How is your leg now?
I do hope it is a lot better.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Darnell J Knauss said...

These are fantastic, Sam! They look like cards that have quite literally been kanitted!! Hugs, Darnell

Irene said...

Hello Sam

Oh my word such beauties, you cards look so Scandi, and remind me so much of jumpers. Stunning colours I love the rich vibrant purple, then the calm white. Just beautiful.

scrappymo! said...

Stunning. That stencil is wonderful. I do not see the slippage from here...just stunning cards.
No help on the stencil front as I have never used the 2 whole stencils I own...teehee

butterfly said...

Ooh, Madam Chairman - congrats! Love your Knitwear cards... I suppose it's predictable that a brilliant quilter would take to that stencil like a duck to water!
Alison xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hettie, these are superb cards really love them.. and that purple and silver or pearl looks wodnerful agree on mask being great..

re the paste.. may or may not help but I watch videos by Jennifer Mcguire and she uses often the embossing paste (will find a link) and you can use your embossing powder and then emboss when wet leave to dry and heat set once it is dry. This is great cos can use it for many colour of whatever EP you have..
and cos it is Embossing paste ie mean to go with heat embossing it is not bubbling like some others.. it is very firm and does not seem to leak which was your problem.

You could add to runny one some talcum or cornflour as they are both used in home made paste .. just a thought,
love Shaz in Oz.x
PS here they are .. BTW have been watching this item for while and guess what just bought it.. can say you made me do it :D no, not really :)
here is it is on ebay:

and can send link with video if you want..too :D

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

argh sorry put videos link in lower middle of comment rather than end no idea how that happened sorry!

Bonnie said...

You have done a wonderful job with these stencils! I love how the cards look like a gorgeous, warm sweater!