Monday, 17 March 2014

Scrapbook Tuesday - T is for.....Mini Album!

Hello There

Let me start by apologising for being "off the radar" a little at the moment.  I have a big quilting project on the go at the moment which needs to be finished by the 29th!!  Unfortunately due to being poorly last month it has put me behind schedule a little!  Don't fret, I will be sharing it once it is finished!

Well today is Tuesday.  Time to share a scrapbooking project with you as well as join in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard with a cuppa, or in my case a glass of squash.

On Saturday my Buddy and I had our monthly Scrapping Day so, true to my aim this year, I finished a project which I am sharing with you today.  Yeay!!!

Here it is....

Today I am drinking some blackberry and apple squash.  It was dinner time when I took the photos, hence they are not very good as I had to use the flash. Apologies for that.

I made this mini album for my Mum in Law for her 80th Birthday.  We were planning to take her to Longleat as her present.  I made her a "ticket", album and we bought her a digital camera.  Unfortunately soon after her birthday her sister died and a few bouts of ill health, so we only got to take her to Longleat last August, on her 83rd birthday.

As far as she knew it was only Hubby, myself and her that were going.  However I had managed to arrange for her niece, her hubby and daughter to meet us at Longleat, which was a lovely surprise for her.

Luckily we were all able to fit into Helen's car rather than ours.  It would have been a tight squeeze!  Poor Mia sat in the rumble seat in the boot!

The weather was glorious and altogether we had a lovely day.  

It took some time to locate the album for me to have back to put the photos in (none of which MIL took!  Anyone want a brand new unused 14 megapixel camera?) and the album has been waiting for me to print photos and put this together.  

Ta dah!  Finished.  I shall let MIL have it back now and another job done and dusted out of my room.   

So then. Why not pop over with a cuppa to Elizabeth's blog and share what you are up to today?  I am also popping over to the Snippets Playground as I most probably used snippets at the time I made the album, though it was before I was blogging.  I certainly used Snippets to mount the photos on before adhering them into the album.

Thanks for calling by and I will visit you if you call by as soon as I can.




Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, oh WOW. I was going to ask what Longleat was, but I didn't have to wait long to find out. Looks like you had a wonderful outing. And you did a great job of documenting the day, too.

I had to laugh at the rumble seat in the boot. Not being British, I thought the boot was the trunk of the car, and of course, I couldn't imagine putting a young person there. Sorry if my imagination gets the best of me at times.

Thanks for sharing your drink with us tonight AND taking us on a fantastic journey that I enjoyed nearly as much as your MIL did, I'm sure.

Mrs A. said...

Most appropriate as I will be going there myself shortly. Great set of photos. Hugs Mrs A.

Krisha said...

Oh Hettie, what a magnificent album you created! Thanks for sharing it. Love wild animal parks, there is one near San Diego (California) that I really need to get the GDs too. I would love to make an album like yours for a keepsake.

Happy T-Day

see you there! said...

I think the album is a great gift. You did a wonderful job assembling it.


Di said...

Brilliant Sam! Better late than never finished - and some great piccies too.

I love Longleat. Len took me there on a VIP day trip for a special birthday - we had glorious weather and a fabulous day. I bet your MIL totally loved it and this is such a fabulous reminder for her.



SARN said...

That mini album looks sensational mate. You are SOOOO clever.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your album turned out beautifully and will make a lovely remembrance of that fun trip.

Like, Elizabeth, not being British, I had some "word issues" because when I read you were drinking a glass of squash, I thought to myself....she is drinking a glass of vegetables? Interesting!

I think I will bone up on my British as we will have a visitor from the other side of the pond in a few weeks!

Linda said...

what a beautiful birthday album you have put together Hettie! I, like Elizabeth at first thought the boot was the trunk but knew that couldn't be :):)Good luck with your quilt.Looking forward to seeing it. Happy T day!

Divers and Sundry said...

what a sweet gift! i bet she was excited at the surprise :)

Terry said...

What a fun way to spend time with a crafty buddy! Your album is such a precious treasure! Love all the pages, so clever! Hope you are feeling much better and can't wait to see your quilt! I made a queen size bed quilt once and it took me about two years to finish. We adopted our first Dalmatian and one day I came home to see the stuffing all over the house. Enjoy!

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T day! I love this mini album! Your MIL will enjoy it so much, I can see the hard work you put into it, these are the best kind of gifts. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

What a fab album Sam and a gorgeous pressie. I would love to go to Longleat! huggles Sue xx

Denise Price said...

Your mini is enchanting! I like the differently shaped, mix and match pages. I also like the looks of your beverage, though I'll have to google the term squash. Happy T Day!

Super Stamp Girl said...

Hi Hettie, gee, you really did say "squash." I was hoping you might explain, so I'm not so out in the cold about your drink! But, I did enjoy the scrapbook tour! Cheers.

Nancy said...

Great little mini, nice work! Feels good to 'finish' a project. I usually get so excited about projects that I have 10 on the go and half are still calling my name :)

Happy Tea Day, your drink looks lovely

Kathleen said...

Stunning creation and fabulous photo's.

Kath x

Myriam Kozik said...

Happy T-Day!
What a fun album and great pictures!
Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

Sue said...

Hi Sam just replying to your question on my blog...yes it is a stamp :) huggles Sue xx

Mrs A. said...

So sorry to hear that you have lost one too. Who could know that they could leave such a hole in ones heart. Hugs Mrs A.

Rita said...

I'm glad you finally got to go! And the whole lot of you, too. :)
Happy T-Day!

scrappymo! said...

Another beauty. You make such gun and personalized mini albums! I bet your MIL loved this book and will treasure the memories of that day.

I will have to google Longleat now as I think it is probably a country house with grounds geared to wildlife viewing.

Can't wait to see the fast my dear!

Halle said...

What a sweet mini-album!! I need to get back to making some of's been a while!

butterfly said...

Oh, what a lovely album, and a wonderful day to celebrate your MIL's 80th (and 83rd) birthday(s)!! From the fabulous lettering on the cover to the delightful comic animals on each spread (as well as the glorious real things) it's wonderful.

Good luck with the quilting!
Alison xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

What a nifty book with so much to look at. Even if you hadn't put pictures in it, it is a fun book. But with the pictures it has great memories for you mum-in-law.

Karen Petitt said...

Beautiful, looks like you had a lovely day and have a wonderful memento of it too! I hope you get your quilt finished soon xx

Kate said...

So cute! I love all those animals.