Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WOYWW 219 - A Small Tour..

Hello Fellow Blog Hopping Blogging Friends!  

Yikes!  It is Wednesday....AGAIN???!!!  How did that happen?  I swear this year is flying past at a very fast rate of knots!  

Well, it is Wednesday, WOYWW day, Hump Day, Official Nosey Parker Day and HUGE Blog Hop Day that we all know as What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday with the hostess Julia.  

I thought today I would give you a mini tour of my room, as I have a few nosey friends who asked me to.  As I had a new desk section delivered last week and my room is currently fairly tidy (for me anyhoo) I thought why not.  So here is my lovely drawer cabinet that Mr Hettie kindly built for me and I painted every one of of those pesky drawers.  I am slowly collecting knobs to go on there and it is fun to find them in different places.  This is on the left as you go in my room.

Here is my Fairy Door to allow the Fairy Folk to wander in and out of my world.  This is why there is always Fairy dust on my floor!!
Here is the view as you walk into my room.  Both desks are back to back on the right.  I tend to use the glass one for paper crafting and the opposite one for guests or sewing (and die cutting/overspill)  The little table on the left is where I put current projects for working on or drying.  Those window can be opened outwards and gives a wonderful breeze and a great view.  
And here is the end view of ground control with my new desk piece.  Oh how I have been wanting this double unit.  I already had the single on the right of my desk but now I have been able to put all the paper trays together and sort the drawers on my right to hold my wooden stamps.  
It feels good to have them like this, though not all my wooden stamps have made it in here yet, give me time.  I also want some space for me to grow into with my collection!
Right folks.  Please leave me a comment so I know you have been to visit (and nose) and then click HERE to be taken by Fairy magic to the desk of the hostess to visit other like minded bloggers who are sharing their desk!

Thanks for calling.  You may now use the exit located behind you!




Helen said...

Oh my word.... I have craft room envy for sure - and drawer envy - those drawers your hubby made are incredible, and I love the colour you painted them. You lucky lucky lady... Have a good week, I'm going off to sulk! Helen 21

Belinda Basson said...

So glad it arrived and you have moved in already! I would have to duck in that space of yours as I am 6ft tall! Clever glass desk too. #46

Di said...

Oh WOW Sam! When can I come and play please - of course there would also be a bus load of playmates with me :) Now I can imagine exactly where you do your crafting with sooooooo much fabulous storage :)

Have a happy WOYWW!

Hugs, Di xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That is the Rolls Royce of craft's amazing and I love your storage. In fact, I love anything with lots of little drawers in!
But my favourite is the fairy door :-)
Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

ginny c said...

Oh you are so lucky I am a shade green enjoy your blog best wishes ginnyx

Kate said...

Wonderful craft room. I like the knobs on Mr Hettie's drawers (oo-er!)

~ Kate ~ #76

Victoria said...

Craftroom envy! WOW what an amazing space. I'll be first on Di's bus...
I especially love the fairyland doors!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I LOVE that you put these pictures on your blog as I can now imagine you crafting away at your desks in your lovely room.

Love your new drawers! LOL!

Sarn xxx

My name is Cindy said...

Amazing room. sooooooo envious! Love decent storage so this room would be heaven to me. Good luck with the knob hunt!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #85

Karin said...

WOW! What an amazing work room, I've just turned a funny shade of green.
I love your fairy door and everything else too!
Happy Wednesday
Karin #92

voodoo vixen said...

Such a lovely space you have to craft it in and I love the drawers your husband built you with all the different knobs, it is divine!! Annette #9

CraftygasheadZo said...

I have drawer and craft room envy for sure like many above! Aren't you lucky to have units made for you, I wish my gramp was still alive as he would've made me units and drawers I know! Looks fab. Take care. Zo xx 98

ike said...

Gorgeous room - I am totally green with envy :-)
Thanks for letting us peek xx


IKE xxx #99

Kate said...

Such a fabulous large space. Love all your cool storage areas. You are giving me some great ideas. I am so glad you decided to share.

Twiglet said...

That's a fun place to play!! I think me n Annie will have to come and join you some day! x Jo

sharon said...

Looks a wonderful room and love the fairy doors.

Sharon #92

Lynn McAuley said...

What a magical space you have for crafting, Hettie!

I love the drawer cabinet you husband has created for you! How fabulous!

susibee said...

What an amazing craft room, I love it and your fairy door is so cute.

Happy WOYWW. Susi #105

Lynda Norton said...

Shame I cannot type in green to show the envy coming from me - Wow, what a simply fabulous room, rather like the fairy door too. (and another addition to the wish list)

Lynda #89

Ria Gall said...

Hi Hettie
Thank you so much for the tour around your lovely crafting space it really is looking fantastic and I bet your really enjoy crafting up there
Have a good WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #43

Karen Petitt said...

I am suffering from serious storage envy! I love the units that you've bought and the ones that were made for you - so gorgeous and what a fabulous space too Karen x

Sue said...

Fabulous craft room Sam!! love the drawers hubby built huggles Sue xx

Shaz Brooks said...

Wow Hettie, that is an amazing craft room. I adore the drawer unit your hubby built- I am crazy about the 'merchants chest' type of thing with zillions of drawers in to poke about through! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #45 xx

Regina Hamilton said...

You have a fantastic craft room. I love the cabinet Mr Hettie built. happy crafting #2

fairy thoughts said...

oh yes, definitely drawer envy but watch out I may just sneak in that fairy door and steal them away.
thanks for the tour.... have fun playing
janet #44

Debs Willis said...

I'm joining the green line of envy! What a beautiful craft room, and how great of your hubby to make those drawers :-)

Ali H said...

Oh my what a stunning craft room - so huge & so well ordered ! Everything in its place ! Looks brilliant ! Love your fairy door !! Ali #49

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, Sam, I don't know where to start!! First, thank you for sharing! My nose is HHAAAPPPY!!

Your space is like a brilliant store for shopping! I love the doors and the bunting, TWO ATG guns?, and is that a pink chair? The unit your hubs made is AMAZING! Great job with the painting and I adore the adorable knobs!

But the glass desk ends! I'm dying here. I may need to switch out my desk, I love that SO much. Is that IKEA?? Please don't tell me I can't get it over here!

Aren't I bad? I have this incredible Playhouse and I'm drooling over your space, LOL!!

Enjoy it! xxoo Darnell #19

VonnyK said...

Ooh, I've just spent ages snooping around your room. It's fantastic, so much storage and I love the glass desk. I'd love at least half your storage. That is one fine craft room, lucky you can't see how green I am right now :)
Have a great week and enjoy that room.
Von #`13

Maudieroff Roffey said...

So fabulous to see where all the lovely creations come from - and drawer envy - oh yeah!! Thanks for popping over - Have a great week - Happy WOYWW Mxx #70

The Taming of the Glue said...

What a gorgeous room to work in. Could you send me your hubby so he could make me some cupboards for my room! I'm sure you could rent him out to lots of crafters!! Hugs. Pam#33 xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh at the exit comment. Funny. I totally adore the idea of mismatched knobs. That shows a true crafter. And of course, the magic fairy dust appears at my place, too. Only MINE is just DUST.

Thanks for dropping by yesterday while I slept. Happy only a litte late WOYWW from #1.

Roberta B said...

well I love it all, the unit you was waiting for was well worth the wait :-) and the fairy door, just to cute I need one. The double unit.. hummm I didn't even know they made one how cool is that. I think its a great place to create! Looks very inviting.
Thanks for sharing and Bright Blessing to you and yours. Roberta 55

trisha too said...

Your room is AMAZING, Hettie!

Thank you for stopping by this woyww, I appreciate your visit and comment!
#27 this week

scrappymo! said...

Oh Sam, this is so gorgeous! I love the units Mr Hettie made. I would love to be nosy and see how you organized storage in them too. We crafters are always looking for good ideas.

Your new unit and the existing one are fabulous. Those slim drawers are so perfect for your are going to be so organized now.

I love your room and I'm wso glad you shared it...we all chat to each other about our work and how we make it and it is so fun to see where we make it. I enjoyed the little table that you dry your projects on...I have a wee table like that out in the garage somewhere...perhaps I will drag it down to my room as that is a great idea too!

Maybe one day I can be a friend at that other table!

Our trip is half over and we are still having lots of fun. I am walking further and faster now. We arrived in /Filey today and are off to the ocean to walk the dog in the morning. A bacon butty (sp) and a coffee at the beach hut and then back for a mooch about the village!
Should be a fun day!

Hope you are well rested now from your long drive to meet me. Take care.

Queen Lightwell said...

Love the color of blue on those drawers! Your room looks very spacious, all kinds of room to spread out in and wow! Those windows! Lovely! :) Thanks for showing us round and for stopping by to see my "new" space and leaving me such a sweet comment. Glad you enjoyed the fabric and paper sections! :) Enjoy the rest of WOYWW dear! Deeyll

ElizabethR said...

Fab room of stash love the Fairy door I think every craftroom should have one of those. Have a fab weekend xxx

scrappymo! said...

Me again! lol
Forgot to say that I love the Fairy is so sweet!

I am looking ofrward to meeting the two Sue's in Scarborough...I have ditched Mr Scrappymo though...he is banned from all bloggy reunion meets due to bad behavior.

Can't remember if I mentioned that there is a small cardmaking store in of all they had several 10p baskets of embellies and glittered papers.
Got some more charms too and you will have a giggle...I am now the proud ower of 4 magazines!
I can see shy people want to buy them...the giveaways are fab...One has a gorgeous pony stamp for Little Miss C. I managed to get a plane stamp for Little Mr P at the same store for a pound! It was regular priced around 7 pounds.
They are going to be happy campers!

Went to the Lowther Farm where I was a ninny and didn't buy the linen pillows with gorgeous trout inked onto them. I saw them in a shop today for twice the price!

Have my eyes peeled for another Agricultural Show in this area! Need to see more fun little dogs cut across the track...What a hoot!

Nikki said...

WOW look at all that fun space you have and what a great collection of knobs for your drawers it's a sweet unit that the DH built for you lucky girl :) hugs Nikki 10 thanks for the visit

butterfly said...

Oh what a wonderful crafty space! I also work up in the eaves - but it's my whole living space too - at least for another 8 weeks. I LOVE your built-in drawer cabinet, and the quirky knobs are fabulous... and I can see why you were coveting that unit. Fairy door = fabulous!!
Alison xx

Rita said...

What a lovely cabinet your hubby made and the drawers at the end of your desk are wonderful! What a space to work in! I am so glad you came by to visit me so that I got the tour. (WOYWW#100)