Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Scrapbook Tuesday - Wedding Album...Miniature Style

Hello Friends

Is it me or is time going at a fast rate of knots lately?  It does not seem a week since my last Scrapbook Tuesday here in Blogland!

So what am I sharing with you today?  Well.  I am a typical Gemini in that I have several (lots) of projects on the go at any one time!  And one of those projects is a certain Mr and Mrs Hettie's Wedding Albums.  Yes there is an "s" on the end of Album.  You see I am doing two as I was lucky enough to be given my proof albums and we were given lots of photos by guests at our wedding.  Remember those days when we used to print from films?  None of this take photos and leave them on the camera/computer where no-body sees them ever again!

So today I thought I would share with you the mini album for those photos that are not really big enough for 12x12" layouts but are ideal for miniature layouts.  These are all 4x4" layouts......

Yes, this is the cover.  Not decorated yet but with this photo in.  Love this photo as we are not posing but just having a gentle stroll down the Church path.

This is Mr Hettie and a much younger Mrs Hettie with Angharad, our niece.

Mum, my Sister and I preparing for the Day in Mum's bedroom (mine had most of its furniture removed and had Mum's knitting machines in by now!).

Dad and I looking a little relieved that the car finally turned up!  For a while we thought that three of us were going to jump in the photographer's two-seater car as my car was so late!  Now THAT would have been funny!

One of my last photos, with my Dad, as a Singleton!!

The album was bought as a kit and some of the papers were included though I cannot recall what make they are.  There have also now been included Snippets of other papers and oodles of techniques, inkiness and bits 'n bobs, so I shall take this to the Playground for the others to have a giggle!! 

Thanks for calling by.  I shall give you another instalment of this album on another day so do please call back!



PS If any of you know where I can get 4x4" albums, please let me know.  Fergus' album is getting full and I need another for him!  I don't mind what colour or format.  If you have one for sale I would appreciate it.  Email me using the link above please.


tilly said...

a good start to your albumns.....a very pretty bride

lisa said...

Hi Sam
How lovely to remember such a happy day. Yes we were married in the days of printed film too. Bet Brides these days have heaps of photos. 4x4 albums are tiny but I will keep my eyes open for you.
Fancy being in Nottingham. I'm glad you met Robin!! My home town funnily enough although I'm Yorkshire through and through now.
Hugs Lisax

Kate said...

Such a lovely little album! I am sure you will have many wonderful stories to share as you show it off. Its always fun to have a little book of your favorite memories!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

What a GREAT IDEA . . . a mini scrapbook! Love your cute layouts and your pretty photos. xxx

Mrs F said...

Lovely layouts there, you look very young and innocent :)

The big fan on your Mum's wall reminded me that l used to have those too, very 80's lol

Your albums will be a real treasure once you've completed them.

Big hugs xx

scrappymo! said...

What a wonderful little teensy album of treasured photos...I think I might have a 4x4...I could be wrong though...I will check the cabinet I think it is in...
If I am right, you may not like it...it is a K and CO...sort of floral looking colver...can't remember if it is blue and mauve or pink and gold...if you remember those K and Co ones.
I could bering it to England in August, if it is too dear to post from here...

Sue - said...

Lovely album pages. Had to chuckle about the knitting machines! I've got two in my loft as nowhere to use them now, but would love to get them down again.

Di said...

Hi Sam

Sorry I'm late - bit of uproar here as mentioned on me blog!

Gorgeous photos! And good luck with finding an album or three. Ally Pally maybe?

Signed, Miss Marmite :)


butterfly said...

Love the mini-wedding-album idea, so that each photo gets its own setting! Lovely framing and embellishing... I'm only sorry I can't give you a 4x4 album source to take the overflow of sunny, smily photos!
Alison x

Gillian said...

what a great idea and thank you for sharing your photos with us

Amanda said...

Such a gorgeous album, you all looked so happy too. Hugs, Amanda x