Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Craft Fund Box

Good Evening Fellow Crafters

How are we all on this cold evening?  Is it me or is it getting colder?  When is Spring really coming?  I think this Winter just can't move over and let Spring have a go!  At least my Craftey Room is nice and toasty!!

I have spent the last couple of days making something for me!  When I was at The Event at Paperartsy I bought myself (and my Buddy) wooden money boxes thinking we could stash our crafting pennies in them.

Well, as you probably know me by now, I cannot have any left without having a little "Hettie touch" and I set to work to make it mine!
Using white acrylic paint I sprayed it with a little Wild Plum Adirondeck Colour (Color if you are American!) Wash and mixed it with a "fish finger" of cut n dry as we did at the Paperartsy workshop, and then painted the box with my fish finger.

After leaving it to dry overnight, I then added a second coat but this time a little deeper until I was happy with the colour.

After leaving it another night I set about decorating it with stamps.  Firstly, using Archival ink in black I stamped the box with my little birdies in rushes stamp, then secondly, using Purple Stayzon I stamped some flowers over the top and then finally, stamped the flying birds from my TH Minis set.  Once I was happy with what I had done I covered the box with homemade modgepodge and left it to dry.  I edged the box with some Dusty Concorde DI, added a little ric rac around the bottom of the box and added American Crafts Thickers letters to the top.  Hey Presto - one Craft Fund box!

My lovely Hubby put some money in the slot for me so that it did not remain empty and realised that it will only fit pennies through the slot.  Darn it!  I now have to dig my little Dremmel out and make the hole a little wider - gotta be able to get £2 coins in at least!!  LOL!!

Off to play with my new die which came today - TH Sewing Room (big smiles now!)   How could I a Sewer resist?  Now where is my grungepaper?

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again tommorrow with the WOYWW!!  Please feel free to leave me a comment!



MaggieC said...

I love it! Trouble is, our £2 coins go into 35mm film canisters for our holiday spending money (each canister holds about £34 worth of £2 coins), so any craft money box would only get smaller amounts.

mandyreardon said...

Hi Buddy,I love the way you have decorated the box & thank you again for buying me one. Although mine is not yet decorated I have found that 20p's fit through the slot! I have started saving but I have promised to split the procedes with my hubbie!x