Monday, 14 March 2011

Cherish - Wedding layout

Good Evening Friends

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days but I have had a very topsy turvy end of last week and weekend!

You remember I told you on Wednesday that I had been to Hospital that very afternoon for my pre-op assessments?  Well!  On Thursday I received a letter informing me I had an appointment for the Aneasthetist (excuse spelling!) a week AFTER my operation was scheduled.  So on Friday I telephoned the Hospital twice to find that they had cancelled my operation (no thought to tell me) and that it was possibly not going to happen until May!!!!  Another two months to add to the 14 months I have already waited.  Laugh!!!  Not!! Not a Happy Bunny at all!!!

Well, Saturday was much better as my Buddy Mandy and I went to Chepstow to the Artstamps show.  It was a little smaller than the last two years due to the Malvern Craft Fair being on the same weekend.  Never mind.  Retail Therapy I was going to have!  I spent a small fortune!  I bought a few stamps (I know you will all be shocked - not!) but my real bargain was the Colour Washes from Adirondack.  Snazzys is selling all theirs at a knockdown price of £3 per bottle.  I had 6 bottles in my stash at home and up until now every time I saw them for sale I would buy another one to build up my stash.  However, they are now being discontinued so I knew I NEEDED (of course needed!) to finish the set.  At £3 a bottle I bought all the colours I was missing i.e. 6 of them!!!  Heavy bag to begin with but hey ho!  Bargains have got to be had.  They all look so cool in their tin.  I will show you my tin later in the week when I can get better pictures taken in daylight. 

On Sunday we went to see my Mum and Dad with a large china Goose under my arm.  I saw it at the Garden Centre on the way down and could not resist buying it for my Mum as an early Mother's Day present!  It will cause some amusement and last much longer than flowers!

I am still working on my friend's Wedding Invites so nothing much to show on those yet, but tonight I decided to clear the deck so that I could actually have some "me" time.  It is Monday after all, which is customarily MY night for fun!!!

The pictures are not very good as they have been taken in my craft room under electric light but I wanted to share the layout with you.

I am putting this on Two Peas website click HERE where they are running four workshops a month which are free!  Yes FREE!! Each designer is taking a different aspect of scrapbooking and producing a workshop every month.  This layout is one that Shimelle Laine has given the sketch and video whereby you are to put two 4x6 photographs on.  I have decided to use these to make a Wedding Album for me and Hubby!  It is about time seeing as we got married in 1989!!  (Before you ask, Yes I was a child bride!!)  The problem has been finding papers as I wanted blues and most of the Wedding papers are either purples or pinks.  Not me and my colour was blue.

Well, going to reintroduce myself to my Hubby as he has not seen much of me tonight!  What is new?!!!

Thanks for looking.  I hope you like and please leave me a comment, I do appreciate every one of them.


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Karen said...

Sam I was really sorry to hear that your operation had been cancelled, lets hope you do not have to wait too long before you get another appointment. I love your LO, it is really pretty, its gorgeous and such beautiful colours :)