Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bad Blogger - Bad Blogger!!

Hello there Peeps. 

I know, I know.  I have been such a bad blogger this week and whether you believe it or not, it has not all been of my making!!!

On Thursday of last week I took the Wedding Invites (thank you all sooo much for the kind compliments - they helped) to the Bride and Groom's home, in a (if I say so myself) lovely large (recycled) brown paper bag which I had decorated with pretty papers, fluffy ribbon and - Yes - you guessed it, some purple flutterbys. 

They were absolutely chuffed to little mintballs as my family used to say with the Invites.  They even brought a tear to the Bride's eye.  The Bride, Sharon said that now they had come it all seemed "so real" and that it was all about to start now. 

I was soooooo relieved.  It is a huge responsibility making those, not having done so much as a Birthday Invitation before like that.  Sharon had even bought me a lovely bunch of flowers to say Thanks too.  They were well appreciated.

By the time I got back from there and poured a glass, Play Time was all but over so I just went for a wander round some more desks which I hadn't done Wednesday night.

Friday.  We went to see a nice Surgeon man who is going to fix my knee.  As we arrived at Reception the fire alarms went off and we were plunged in darkness.  Ho Hum!  We were let back in, still no lights but the Surgeon did not really need lights to manipulate (and hurt lots) my knee.  Ouch!!  Me and 'Im then had a very enjoyable day pottering around nice places.  Friday night - well - whilst browsing on a certain website (only a peek honest), can you guess what happened?........... Yep - we lost our internet!!!!!  Two hours of phone calls to Mumbai we were told (a)we did not have a problem as there were none in the area (how can they tell from there?) (b) yes there was a problem and we would be back up on Tuesday.  How was I gonna order goodies?  (Have mobile - will shop!!!)

Then Saturday.  A day of stitching, drinking tea and natter with my Quilting Buddies - great!  However, I started the day with a bit of a giffy tum.  Never mind.  Then my Mum telephoned me to tell me she had won the Flair Magazine Competition and would I take her to the NEC to see it hung up.  Was I going to say "No"?  Of course not.  I could not turn her down!  Do you think I am crazy?  Shopping for crafty stuff!

To the Quilting Group I went.  A little later thought I was starting to feel "odd"!  Do you know what I mean?  Can't quite put your finger on it but you know things aren't right?   I left the group a little earlier than usual and drove straight home without making my usual stops (Mum, Mandy, TK Maxx, What! - not necessarily in that order) and had to sit on the drive for Hubby to let me in.  When he pulled up I was sat in the car with heaters on full, shivvering and looking pretty pale.  Up the stairs he marched me and within a short while I was being very ill..... and ill....... and ill.... It would appear that my giffy tum was the start of Gastroenteritus!!!!  My poor body was being turned inside out!  Yuk!

Sunday more of the same.

Monday not much better - feeling very groggy. 

Today.  Still feeling very groggy, with giddiness, stomach cramps and nausea.  Hubby called the Doctor out (which I did not want) who declared that I was dehydrated, the cramps were most likely what little food I had eaten going through my very sore tummy and that I may have a water infection.  Can it get any worse?  She did give me some tabs to stop the nausea and so far they are working and I have now managed a whole cup of green tea without wanting to be ick!  Success. 

And as you may guess we have at last had our internet back albeit very slow.  Though don't tell BT as they have told us we wont get it back until at least Saturday now!!!

Well, as you have been so kind to read my drivel I cannot leave you without someat nice to look at now can I?  Here are some little books which I have been making in between invitations, Bridal visits, lost internet, hospital visits and bathroom visits (nah not the last one.  I have not been in my Craft Room for the last two days!  even this is being typed in my bed!!).

Here are the reverse covers....

 I was going to put a "Mum" on the fronts but I am not sure now.  One of these is for me but not sure which one yet, the other two are for Mum and MIL.  Eeny meeny miny mo.....  I decorated the panels with Ranger gloss paper and alcohol inks, and stamped using a Hero Arts Dandelion Stamp and Archival ink.

You will need to buy this book from HERE to get the instructions.  It is the Sue Roddis book called Handmade Decorative Books which I love, though this is the first one I have made out of it.

Nite Nite.  Thanks for letting me ramble on.



jude said...

Hope you feel better soon .that has to be the worst hate being ickie.Hopefully worst is over and you'll start to feel bit like normality!
take care thanks for popping by
hugs judex

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you have been so poorly, I do hope you are feeling a bit better now {{hugs}}. I love the books, they are all gorgeous :)