Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Cards

Hello There

I am ba-a-a-a-a-ck!  Did ya miss me?  Did you even notice I have not been around for the last few days? No?  Don't worry about it.

I had a few days off from the grindstone of life (work) and without any intention, I managed to tear myself away from the computer screen too.

Monday Hubby and I had a very enjoyable preamble around Beautiful Bath which was lovely.  There was a flurry of work going on as they prepare for the Christmas Market which starts today!   I am going there with Fergus on Saturday.  I was going to meet some buddies but alas they are not well enough to go.  Never mind ey?  Hubby and I had a beautiful meal HERE, our favourite restaurant in Bath (as well as around the country) - other restaurants are available too!

Tuesday my Buddy Lesley came up for a bit of Christmas Crafting.  I also had two visits from Mr BT as we lost our internet and telephone line during the course of the morning.  Luckily they were visiting the area so could be diverted to our lane.  All the houses had been cut when some workmen managed to cut the line!

Yesterday Hubby and I cut, pulled, dragged, rolled and chopped wood ready for the winter.  My job was to barrow it to the storage place and neatly stack it.  Hubby is hopeless at stacking as the pile collapses as soon as you take a few logs off.  This was the first pile.  Doesn't that look lovely?

Right, I think I had better show you a few cards I have made recently.....

Made using a cut up envelope from the Christmas Album I made two years ago.  Unfortunately it was getting too thick so I had to double up on cards inside.  Well, it seemed a shame to waste them so I carefully cut the flap off the envelope and peeled off the paper from there and trimmed a little, adhered them to the card and added some extra bits including a stamping from my new AO stamps which was stamped onto Spellbinders die cuts and also a MB die cut.

This was made from a VOS card which came in a kit many moons ago, layered a piece of white embossed card which was left over from the wedding invitations I did some time ago, a snippet of Christmas paper and a piece of cardstock from inside the envelope as well as another stamping from my AO, ribbon and button.

Hey presto!  Two cards out of one envelope and some bits from my Snippets box.  There is also another card to make from the card that was on the back of the envelope.  Not bad recycling eh?

Off to the Snippets Playground to see if anyone wants to play hopscotch now!  Or whether I play alone with Fergus?




Karen Petitt said...

Fabulous upcycling and two gorgeous cards. Enjoy your time with lovely friends. Fab pile of logs, can we use them the way morris dancers do in the playground? I can sneak up on Mrs A lol xx

scrappymo! said...

Some great logstacking skills there girl.
We used to heat our house with a woodstove when the girls were toddlers, right up till they were teenages. I used to go with DH to get the wood but he did all the cutting, chopping and stacking. I just didn't want him out in the wilds with no one toelp in an emergency...long before the days of cellphones!

We used to get 7 cords of wood. I t got to minus 45 there so it was nice to have a wood fire everyday.

Bath sounds lovely. I have not been but it is on my England bucket list!!!

Sorry you lost your Bath shopping pals,,,but I know it was a hard decision for them to make. Today is my trip to Black Friday and we have decided to seriously cut back on how many stores we attend.

Our friend has cancelled and it is just DD and I. She is sick with the same cold I have, so we agreed to scale it back. Prolly the best decision for my back...but I am still sort of sad about it!!! lol

Your cards look that they have Upcycled bits...and two more for Miss...she is so going to make her numbers!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Yes . . . I had noticed that you hadn't posted anything since your RD entry!

2 gorgeous Christmas cards here and great recycling going on.

I'm sure you'll still have fun at the Fayre - even though your buddies aren't with you. Less mischief that way!

Sarn xxx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Best not play with the chopped firewood in the playground . . .you know it'll only lead to detention! xxx

Kathleen said...

Two fabulous cards and a great pile of logs, good job you did them after bonfire night or they may have gone missing.

Kath x

Karen Petitt said...

Just getting ready for Playground Xmas party!
I've 'eard some rumours about last years and this time I ain't gonna be the one who gets pushed into duck pond xx

Kate said...

Oh my, Sam. These are fabulous! What gorgeous cards. You have really made some stunning cards with your new stamps. So glad you are back!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Stacking logs is a seriously satisfying job to do...I love it! Your pile is looking great, if you know what I mean ;-)
LLJ xxxx

Di said...

Hi there Miss Mischief! I spotted your comment about me climbing up on top of the tree wearing a pink tutu! :)

Brilliant makes and that log pile is a work of art too.

Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow - still not right here so it confirms we woz right to cancel :(

Do you still want some Christmas charms? When I get out next I can post you a selection.

Safe travelling chick!

Hugs, Di xx

butterfly said...

Happy to hear you've been enjoying your few days of freedom - and I hope you've had a lovely time in Bath at the Christmas market today (yup.. I'm on catch up again).

Love your cards... but not loving the woodpile - brings back memories of a whole 12 foot high woodshed wall of logs collapsing on me when I was helping some friends with theirs!!

Alison xx