Sunday, 8 September 2013

Vietnam Scrapbook Album Part 3

Hello There Peeps

I should be out helping Mr Hettie with the log cutting and stacking, but he suggested I did something inside whilst he sets up the chainsaw etc!  I think he was thinking more along the lines of the dreaded H word but nah!  I had something to finish for a friend which I will share later and I wanted to share some more photos of my Vietnam Scrapbook for you.  If you have missed the first installments click HERE and HERE.

So without further ado, here are the next few pages for you....

On Day 2 we cycled from Hoi An to Da Nang where we popped in to a hotel for some lunch, a shower and change of clothes before boarding a train to Nha Trang.  The hotel also furnished us with a packed lunch (well kind of).  It was just as well as the food on the train was not to be desired!  I kept the chopsticks tho!  The photo above the train is the railway station!!!  We arrived at Nha Trang at about 1 am due to the train being late and then held up at nearly every crossing!  So it was a case of finding our rooms and then hitting the beds. 

As usual it was a very early rise to enable us to be ready to depart from the hotel at 7 am to avoid the heat of the day (it got to 45 degrees most days).  This was the sight that beheld us when some of us undertook a short diversion down to the breakfast room!!  It is no wonder that the hotel and grounds were a former summer residence for the Royal Family of Vietnam.  It was a wonderful sight to see with the sun only just rising!  This photo very often is put onto my screen saver!  This was my first layout of the album and only my second layout I ever created.  A little basic but you have to start somewhere!  I did contemplate remaking this page later but I feel the simplicity of the page highlights the photo and the layout below makes up for it!  The business card is one of the many I picked up on the trip!

These are a few more photos taken at the vantage point we found as well as the building showing our bedroom.  What we had not realised when we went to bed was that there were tiny Geckos in our room, which we did find in the morning!  Not sure I would have been too happy seeing those but realised they were quite harmless by the morning!

This page is dedicated to the People of Vietnam, especially the children, who made us feel so welcome.  Everywhere we went children would show Hello at us and if we stopped anywhere they would gather round us like we were celebrities and were more than willing to have their photos taken.  Also you can see some of the motorbikes loaded up with goods, animals and children!  We saw 5 people on some!  The third photo down on the right was actually taken at a cemetery we cycled through.  They really were beautiful places with lots of statues, coffins and small pagodas!  I cannot quite see our cemeteries being so colourful in the UK!

Thanks for popping over and I would love to read your comments.

Have a great Sunday!



Sue said...

These are great Sam! lovely layouts and great memories huggles Sue xx

Belinda Basson said...

I am enjoying your trip as I will most likely never get there. Thanks for sharing such a personal journey. I really like your first layout for its simplicity. Less is more in this case.

butterfly said...

Lovely pages - both the simple and the embellished ones. I love how you've used colours that have that exotic feel of the East, and the view in those photos is stunning. Love the little geckos... there used to be lots in a place where I used to stay in Portugal. I quite enjoyed having them around!
Alison x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Your journey looks totally amazing.

That view is so fabulous . . . no wonder you use it for your screensaver!

Sarn xxx

Kate said...

Another set of pretty Asian pages. Love all those little cuties on the last page. Children are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

scrappymo! said...

Some more wonderful pages for your Vietnam album! You are doing a great job at recording your memories there...Loved the story about the children being so friendly and the people being great ambassadors for their country.
You have done a great job on finding Oriental type embellies for this album!

Karen Petitt said...

More fabulous papers with lots of lovely photographs and filled with loads of memories - wonderful! Karen x

Karen Petitt said...

More fabulous papers with lots of lovely photographs and filled with loads of memories - wonderful! Karen x

lisa said...

I've just been catching up on your Vietnam pages, Sam. Wow, what a trip. I've enjoyed reading all your memories and the photos are stunning. How lucky to visit such a wonderful country. Your pages really look beautiful, Funnily enough I have some new stamps that would work perfectly with them, wink wink!!
Hugs Lisax