Monday, 11 March 2013

The Black Cat - Birthday cards

Hello Friends

Brrrrr!  It is a cold one this Monday morning!!  The snow is coming down and looks like polystyrene balls instead of the usual flakes.

I just checked in to show you a couple of Birthday Cards I made for two Cat loving friends last month.  

Almost the same, but not quite.   All paper parts out of the Snippets box so I will take them to the Playground to show the others.  I assure you, they were straight in real life.  I must sort out my tripod one day and get it set up properly so I don't get any more wonky photos!!

The stamp was a freebie off Craft Stamper and the HB is from a Papermania stamp which I had to do a bit of jiggerypokery to fit on the tags.

Wrap up warm if you are going to the Playground.  Think I shall take a bucket of coal for the brazier too!




scrappymo! said...

They look great! Amazing what a box of snippets can produce when combined with a free image!!!

I am going to buy a paper crafts magazine soon as I arrive in Britain this summer...I have started writing down the titles of the ones bloggers mention for free stamps.
I have a question though...hope you might know the answer...When Brits write free paper from a magazine, do they mean free IRL paper or free digital papers?

I arrived home from Mum's visit at almost 10 pm last night...a good 2 hours late...ugggh transit!
I walked in to find a lovely thick envelope from was wonderful!!! What a gorgeous card and you did so many images for me, I felt really spoiled.
I loved them both and the card is fantastic! I am going to let Little Miss C colour one of the images with me and I have some 3D glittery butterflies that will look great with that BF image.

Thanks for your card...So posh and professional! I will get your parcel of wee things off to you this week! Hope you will be as happy.

Anonymous said...

Two lovely cards Sam, purrrfect (someone was bound to say it so thought I'd go first)!

No snow here yet but it's blinking freezing, l can't wear any more layers!

Cake and some lemon curd butties coming over into the playground now to enjoy while we warm ourselves in front of the brazier.


505whimsygirl said...

Your cards look great! Hmm, I don't use a tripod when taking my photos but perhaps I should.... I also don't crop or modify. Perhaps I should be a bit more "professional"!

I took a peak at your Mother Day cards below and they are beautiful! Very well done.

I had an old Volvo and I thought of painting sunflowers on it (it was brown, late 1980s model). If I would have kept it I would have..... I think you should have the ultimate Volvo!!! Do it!!!


Debs Willis said...

Lovely kitty cards! And I really like the lavender cards too - have just bought some of Sheena's goodies, so will have to try this soon

Debs x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Oh damn it . . .Rach beat me to the purrfect pun! Rats!

Fab black cat cards Sam . . .sure to please any cat lover. xxx

Di said...

Super cards there Sam - great image you used and such stunning results. Nothing ruff about these at all - snort :))

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely cat cards!

Lauren x

butterfly said...

Delicious lucky black cats - always loved the Steinlen Le Chat Noir poster, so this is a lovely reminder!
Alison x

Mrs A. said...

I'm purring with delight!!!! Your kitty cards are purriful. Off for a saucer of milk now! Meows Mrs A.

Cathy said...

Lovely kitty cards :)

karen said...

Amazing how you have used a free image and snippets to create 2 fabulous cards! Very striking with the black and white scheme!