Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Same stamp - different colours

Hello Friends


Do you remember the lovely Paperartsy stamp I was lucky enough to win recently?  You will remember that I made some cards in muted colours for some peeps HERE.

Well, just to prove that the stamp works with brighter colours.....

It was a Special Couple's Anniversary recently and Mandy does like her bright colours.  I will never forget the kitchen in their previous home being Bright orange, Sunshine Yellow and Lime green!!

They loved this card!  As it is made using a plethora of Snippets I shall take it along to the Playground!  The blue piece is another from the bottom of my spray box and it has a lovely shimmer on it.  Hope they have the fire on in the Treehouse!




Di said...

Beautiful Sam - and amazing how adaptable that stamp is. Love the bright colours - and clever to use the paper from your spray box too.

Bit warmer here than yesterday but the fire is on for you - hugs, Di xx

Kate said...

Another lovely card using that beautiul stamp! Love it!

lisa said...

That stamp looks great with the bright colours, Sam. Just goes to show you can do anything with them.
Yep, I'm so grateful to have heat this week, she says as the snow flakes gently fall. Do you think Spring will ever arrive??
Keep warm
Hugs Lisax

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fire? FIRE in the treehouse? Oh no . . . not AGAIN! Good job Mrs A kept the hunky firemen's number to hand.

Oh, and the card? It's just lovely Sam. Great inking. xxx

Bella said...

?Wish you were here, it is flipping hot still...roll on Autumn. Love what you did with the stamp. I got all my roses done, just!

butterfly said...

Woomph - it really does look fantastic in those vivid colours! (Now even crosser I forgot'em...)
Alison x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Hettie
love the colouring on the card and yes it does work with bright colours, more my style too.
janet #19

Kyla said...

Hurrah for bright colours....warming me up no end! (mind u I am in bed with the electric blanket on!).

lynnesbowsandbelles said...

Firstly I need to say Thank You for your visits and comments which mean so much and secondly, I cannot believe it, I was sure I was a Follower - I have remedied that now by becoming your newest Follower!
The colours couldn't be more perfect for someone who adores colour and also your stamp selection.
Completely gorgeous.

karen said...

Ooh, I love it in the bright colours! The muted colours is beautiful too but this is more unexpected with the stamp and I love it!!

scrappymo! said...

My card arrived with it's precious may have noticed it on my desk.

I just love the images! I am going to a 12 hour crop tomorrow and plan to colour some there. I am excited as I think I will fussy but out a butterfly from one of them and pop it forward!

I haven't sent your parcel yet as there is something that I am waiting to arrive that I want to stamp and send to you. I think it is something that you will like (based on your posts) and so I want to tuck them in too. Hopefully it will be in on Monday...