Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Can you guess where we are off to?

Hello Friends

I had to take a late lunch in work the other day, and did not want to sit at my desk or else my bosses (yes I have two right now) would not leave me alone!  So I went into Coffee #1 for a cup of my favourite coffee to have a look at my book in readiness for our holiday.

As I took my coat off and sat down I thought this would be a great picture for my scrapbook!!  Pre holiday swotting!  

Tee Hee



Irene said...

Stunning picture Sam, Thanks for sharing.

Mrs F said...

Ha ha, love the postage notes Mrs Organiser. Have a great time, mind out for the 🚋oh, and the 🍰!

Hugs 💕 xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I wonder what your fellow coffee drinkers made of you taking that picture!

If I see someone doing that in future, I'll know they are a Blogger!

Happy Hols mate!

PS: I know just what you mean about having to get out the office to stop being bugged by the boss!

Sarn xxx

Helen said...

Great picture!! Enjoy Amsterdam.

butterfly said...

Ooh, have a great trip... (and a great coffee in the meantime)!
Alison x

Di said...

Have fun Sam! I also laughed at the post-it notes - you're gonna be busy! Hugs, Di xx

Kyla said...

Enjoy xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Sam
Fun picture... have a great time away, i went a couple of years ago. do try and go to Anne Franks house ... very moving. Watch out for the 'brownies'.

Alison Scott said...

I love trip planning. My guidebooks are like that, ha ha.
That coffee looks great. I wish I liked coffee, so that I could get one that was so pretty.

Kate said...

Oh am I jealous! That looks like a fun trip. I hope you will show lots of pictures. And that coffee is so pretty. It even temps me to want a taste.

scrappymo! said...

Oh my are making want to go to the coffee shop!
They did such a pretty job on yours.

I love to go for coffee and read the paper and then sit and people watch for a bit!