Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WOYWW 124 - Another Week - Another Mess

Thinking of the song - Another Suitcase Another Hall!!

Wow – how quickly is the year flying by now and how cold has it got this week?  It hardly seems like a week has gone by since last Wednesday.

As you know Wednesday means one thing to a bunch of crafters – WOYWW with the lovely Julia which means we take a photograph of our desks, some, like mine, messy desks, and then link up with the Desk Jockey and we hop around the world via desks.  It is a lovely way of keeping up with blogging friends and at some desks there really is some inspirational work to be spied!

Without further ado here is my messy desk……

I know, I know, it looks no different from last week though I assure you it is different.  For a start there are a load of stamps on there waiting to be cleaned (woops!) and put away.  Monkey has now removed his hand from the pot and is supervising. 

I have achieved some work in the meantime.   I have made another suitcase journal for my cousin who is off to Australia next week as part of her celebrations for a big birthday.  I will not share her age with you but think “Hawaii…..”.  She doesn’t look it though – honestly!  I thought it would be nice for her to keep a journal of her trip.  I know I really enjoyed completing mine when I was in Cornwall (note to self - share my Cornwall Journal with you next week – pinky promise!).

I have also been concentrating on trying to finish my sewing project.  Remember THIS post?  I showed you some fabrics I was using for a new project.  Well these are the blocks I was /am making.  It is for a challenge at our Quilt Group.  It has to be finished by Saturday morning!  Yikes!!  I will hopefully show you later this week if I finish it.  
(Oops - sorry about having to turn your screen to the side, typing this in work and no photo editing suite on this computer - don't worry it is lunchtime!)

You may recall that I mentioned a tacking gun which I was using.  Well you can see it on the right hand side.  I know I had a few enquiries about it including the lovely Jan.  It really is an invaluable tool and so much better than using safety pins to fasten the three layers together when quilting a project.  If you enlarge the photo you should be able to see the little black tabs which can be snipped when the quilt/blocks are quilted.  They also go under the machine without any problem and no risk of snapping the needle!!

Well, I am off to spot a few more desks whilst eating my lunch, then will try and catch up tonight once I have been dancing. 

Don’t forget to pop along to Julia’s blog so that you can blog hop too.

Have a great week and see you all soon.



P.S.  We have some new babies coming on Sunday so will share some piccies very soon.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hey there! Fab blog today :)
I loved that travel journal soo much - anything with maps in is a hit with me. This is going to make me sound really sad, but I can quite happily sit and read a map for ages - all the place names intrigue me, which of the modern roads have earlier routes underneath - it just floats my boat!
That tacking gun does look amazing!! It sure must help with the quilting. However *whispers* I never tack anything..... naughty LLJ.... will you forgive me?? :D

Hope you have a great week, Sam
Hugs, LLJ #41 xx

MaggieC said...

That travel journal is such a good idea. I used to write a diary of holidays in a tiny notebook, then transcribe it and add photos when I got home. Now I do it in reverse by taking video of everything, and creating photo slide shows, then do the writing afterwards. I think I will try doing a journal like yours next year.

mamapez5 said...

Okay, so you have quite a lot of stuff out, but there's still space to work! I like the travel journal. I have never got beyond a book full of scrappy notes. I'm still trying to get around to editing three months of journalling from a tour of SE Asia three years ago!
The quilting looks very cute, and that tacking gun is a very good idea. Kate x

Helen said...

What a great journal. Good luck with the quilting.

Jennibellie said...

What a lovely journal, thanks for sharing Jennibellie x

Polly Polkadot said...

We've got a bug in the household so no woyww from me this week - only just made it out of bed. The travel journal is a very thoughtful gift.

Lisa-Jane said...

LOVE that suitcase journal! What a fabulous idea for a cover and so much more meaningful than a Smash book!

lisa said...

What a lovely thought to give your cousin a journal to record her travels and it looks absolutely fantastic. I love the suitcase cover and map pages.
Your quilt panels are beautiful, can't wait to see the full project. I have lots of panels waiting to be put together but the machine never seems to make an appearance these days, never enough hours in the day.
Hugs Lisax

Mrs A. said...

My little monkey says hi to yours! I couldn't find my rotary cutters so cut the 5" squares using large dressmaking sissors. Never again. I love the Sunbonet Sue designs. Strangely enough whilst sorting my stash I found one cut out in pieces that I had never completed! Hows that for coincidence.
Hugs Mrs A.

Morti said...

Hey Sam - thanks for stopping by my blog. Not sure I deserve the slap for saying it's only 11 weeks to Christams, unless of course you mean to dish it out cos I'm wrong - as I type it's actually 9 weeks and 4 days.... and I'm going by your counter below! (ducks and runs for cover)

Sarah said...

Really love the journal - looks fabulous! Looking forward to that quilt - love the little people!

L00py's Craft Creations said...

The journal is lovely, well done, and I'm looking forward to the finished quilt,
Lou P #124

Jingle said...

Very cute project!

Sunshine Girl said...

Sorry for the late visit - I think your desk looks very tidy - lots of space on there! Love the suitcase - I like to take a journal away with me too. Like your sewing project too - that gun is a really good idea (I think I might have something like that somewhere hidden away under piles of other stuff - must investigate!). Have a great week.

Craftgirl said...

Love your suitcase journal. I always take a travel journal to jot down where I go each day. Great desk all ready to go.

Happy crafting

bohemiannie! art said...

That suitcase journal is fabulous! I love the idea!!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Sam, a very busy little post as usual really love the quilting simply super and impressed with the tacking gun!! and thanks too for popping over Happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x