Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WOYWW 110 - In the middle of something

Hello there Peeps

It is Wednesday – again!!!!  It only seems like the other day since it was last Wednesday!!  And what does it being Wednesday mean to us crafters?  Of course, we all join in with the phenomonomonomon that is known as WOYWW hosted by the lovely Julia herself who can be found HERE.

Well, without further ado, here is my desk….

I know.  I know.  It is a mess!  But please cut me some slack! I am in the middle of something and a girl cannot be expected to undertake a task without making some sort of mess!!!

What am I doing? Well, let me tell you a story. I take part in the Grungy Monday Challenge (click on the box over there if you want to know more about it – but not quite so quickly!!).

What was I saying? Oh Yes. I went to the place that Linda sent us to, where we were to see the Great Man Himself, Mr Tim Holtz, undertake his magic and then we were tasked with making something, reflecting what we had learnt. I made, as usual, a tag. But to be honest with you, I am not happy with it as I don’t think the colours are bold enough and also the cream cardstock I made the tag out of, well, quite frankly, didn’t stand up to the task in hand – quite literally. I left it for a few hours and it looked more than a little limp!!!!

So last night, inspired by the lovely Linda, I got my lovely new die out of it's packaging and, using the skills Mr Holtz had taught us, I started to make – not a tag – but a little suitcase, in the hope that it will turn into a little Travel Journal!

Unfortunately sleep prevailed last night, and being a school night, I had to go to bed so will hopefully finish the project tonight in amongst hopping around desks. 
You may recall that a few months ago I was making a Bee Book for my Hubby.  If you would like to see it finished then please click HERE to see it.

Please leave me a comment as I do love to read them.  They usually make me laugh!!



P.S.  For the Lovely Julia and Jan’s benefit, the little pot of sticks that were on my desk last week, used to be used for the purpose of applying hot wax to various parts of my body in order to remove unwanted fluff.  I got rid of the waxing pot after my mother-in-law gave up her salon, as I could no longer obtain the wax which was not available to the public, but I kept the sticks in case I should ever have a use for them.  I do!!  They are very useful for holding lickle bits of grungeboard down whilst you are heating them with the heat gun and stopping my lickle fingies getting burnt.  They also come in handy for stirring paint around and wax in my cauldron (aka Melt Pot!) but not at the same time!!     Being a little bigger than the sticks you get with your coffee they tend to stand up to the task a little better!



Kim said...

I think your desk looks great! I'm still on the fence with that die, but I will be getting the tag one now! Oh, and I have, sorta, emmm, "acquired" all the ratty, multi-labeled manilla folders from work, and they are just like Tim's tags, and have the perfect ink-smoosh-ability, and I don't feel guilty about cutting them up (I just can't trim a pre-cut tag-weird) I can't wait to jump over to see your Bee book and then your GM Challenge. Have a great week!

Wipso said...

I love to see a busy desk so please no need to say sorry. :-) I hope you noticed I have now posted my versatile blogger award....thanks again.
A x

Polly Polkadot said...

Hey I'm beginning to understand some of this cardcraft speak! I don't get your concept of mess though - there is still plenty of clear board there!

jude said...

Lovely busy desk this week messy but hey creative you cant get creative without being
Have fab wednesday and creative week ahead.Hugs judex 11

MvM-design said...

Creative busy desk!!
Happy WOYWW and thanks for sharing ;-)
Hugs Marleen

Jingle said...

Oooo! It looks like you have some super fun stuff going on!

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Great pictures of your desk. Love your map with gorgeous stamps. And the Mini Bee book is fabulous. Bye, Franka

Bella said...

Hi Sam, thanks for visiting my desk all the way over in South AFrica! I use those sticks, and we call them tongue depressors as the docs use them to hold your tongue down while looking at your throat. Here we can buy them in craft stores in bags of up to 100! I use them in my art studio for my students to decant paint without messing in the jars one colour to the next...well that's the theory any how! I love your little case and feel inspired to make one like his latest storage containers...that could take some time though.

lisa said...

I love to see a messy desk, Sam and your little book is looking great. I love the fact that you are honest enough to tell everyone this is mark 2. I thought it was only me who had to have several attempts at things!!
Your Bee Book from the last post is stunning, btw, I loved seeing all the detail in it, it must have taken you ages.
Hugs Lisax

Lisa-Jane said...

Great use of those sticks. I love that Bee book too.

Twiglet said...

Just chuckling at your description of those sticks!!

The Crafty Chick said...

Those little sticks are also great as paint applicator tools... Scrape the paint about....or craft sheet cleaner-off-ers. And get, sort that desk out fir next week will ya? Some if us have standards you know! Sheesh.

Leandra (Tongue secured in cheek) xx

Andria said...

A busy desk, and fun! I enjoyed looking through your bee book, so I know your suitcase journal is going to look great, too! Thanks for sharing, and happy WOYWW!

Mrs A. said...

Just 'Bee'n (ouch!) to have a little look at your Bee book and its fab. Can't wait to see the suitcase finished. Hugs Mrs A. & Monkey.#88

karen said...

Very crafty and creative desk you have! I love your idea of making a little travel book with the suitcase as a cover!
Popped over to see the Bee Book as well and it is quite the work of art! Well done you!
Thanks for visiting me earlier!
xoxo Karen

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Thank you for your stick rundown!! Makes complete sense now! Think the little suitcase is sweet :) xx

butlersabroad said...

Life's too short to tidy up.... so having said that I have no idea why I do it so frequently lol!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Sam, here is slack Sharon here! she still has not posted her award but I see that Wipso has... will have to sit down sometime soon my prob is so brain dead after sitting up all night to watch tour de France which ends at 2am am going to bed at decent head tonight as my head is quite done in! Haven't even really crafted since finishing text and have new stash too!
Know how you feel about your tag and the cardboard as have had that issue when trying tags, I think must try a different style... one day... thanks for sharing for popping over and lovely comment happy belated WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x

okienurse said...

Your desk is very busy and crafty looking today. Love that little suitcase. Iam a little late getting around but life buts in a lot. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Julia Dunnit said...

Aw Hettie, soyou aren't a doctor then?!! Am late enough to have seen the album finished - what a triumph - you must be really pleased!